Are we hurting ourselves?

     George W. Bush is the president of the United States.  There are many people in the United States that are upset that Bush is still in office.  They’re upset about Bush going to war.  However, just because we are upset at the decisions that Bush makes is it still right that we make documentaries and movies against him while he is in office?  By making these movies and showing them around the nation or even world we are in a sense sending out a message that we should be against the person that is trying to lead our nation.  Shouldn’t we trying to come together and work together rather then be against the person that is in charge for making some of the most important decisions of our nation?  We might not always agree with the decisions that he makes but should we really be trying to pin everybody against him. Should we not wait until he is out of office?

Here is the new trailer for the new movie “W” about Gerorge W. Bush


6 Responses to “Are we hurting ourselves?”

  1. “What a wonderful world” was the song chosen for that trailer haha. It makes it seems like Bush had some sort of an ephifany from being Johnny Drunk to the President of the United States. I feel that the greater majority of the American public are going to feel so naive for electing this man into 2 terms as our president after seeing this film. Mind you, I have not seen this film yet, and am just going by what the trailer entails.

  2. Why should we wait until he is out of office? Whatever happened to freedom of the press? A free media? What the hell happened to freedom? I don’t think this film is sending the message of an unbacked president, I think his approval ratings do that quite efficiently. I think you are viewing this film from too defensive of a standpoint. You are assuming that this film is trying to “pin everybody against him”, says who? Too me this looks like an accurate if not some what glorified biography of his life to date. I’m interested in seeing the film and glad it’s coming out now, wondering why the filmmakers held on to it this long.

  3. IN addition I’m really curious to see the audience’s response to the film. It isn’t often that subject matter so contemporary is reenacted in popular film. It isn’t until years later when we replace an all ready well known face (the subject) with another (the popular actor/actress). It’ll be fresh stimulus for sure.

  4. Are you serious? We should rally behind a criminal who is guilty of treason against the American people? That doesn’t tell the rest of the world that we are united. It tells the world that we are ignorant, dangerous, and not to be trusted. George W. Bush should be tried for treason and punished accordingly. If you don’t know the punishment for treason against the United States of America, look it up. The person in charge of leading the United States serves at the pleasure of the American people. If he is a cheat, a liar, a racist, sexist, elitist, murderous criminal, then it is the duty of every American who recognizes him as such to take a stand and demand new leadership. I am ashamed that our country was willing to impeach President Clinton over lying about a damned blowjob, but unable to remove this criminal administration from office after eight years of failure, lies, and the dishonest persuit of an unnecessary and illegal war which has cost over 4,000 Americans and over 1 million Iraqis their lives. Your argument sounds like the defense used by Nazi war criminals in the Nuremberg trials who said that they were only following orders. Would you feel this way about old G Dub if your family members were abandoned in New Orleans, raped, starved, and then called criminals on CNN for looting? What if your mother or father had been one of the Attorneys fired for not being “loyal Bushies”? This president has never once stood up for the people in this country. Give me one reason why any of us should stand up for him.

  5. herewithnoone Says:

    Maybe we’re making fun of him so much and making sure everyone knows we hate him because we’re trying to tell the other countries, “hey, its not our fault… he did it. we hate him.” We’re just trying to make sure the whole world know that we are not responsible for what he does even though we elected him to be our president. It’s pretty weird, it feels like at least 98 percent of the US hates him yet he is elected every time. Free speech is good and all that, but I’m not the one to make fun of someone no matter how bad they screw up. I mean, he’s only human. I feel kind of bad for him actually. No one likes him and we are constantly making fun of him. I dont know, maybe im just too much of a neutral person. I do understand that he hasnt done a great job as president, but I cant really speak bad of him.

    I also read that the movie isnt going to be like other shows that depict Bush as a dumb or horrible person. Its supposed to be more of a biography where it doesnt just show only the positives or the negatives, but both, whatever is fact. But i guess we wont know until the movie comes out. Im probably not going to watch it. Saw V is more interesting than a movie about our president. 🙂

  6. Luz Del Sol Says:

    Herewithnoone, I think whether or not he was “elected” is a subject of much debate.

    Also, jklarson, I think you might be interested in, if not already aware of the articles of impeachment for Bush by Dennis Kucinich, sign the petition!

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