Wiki Wiki

(The professor mentioned at the end of the video is another online encyclopedia)

I feel like Ive known this professor for many years. I use wikipedia almost as much as people go on facebook and myspace. Wikipedia is pretty much THE place I went to to get information on my high school and college projects. Of course, I searched other places around the net to make sure that most of the info stayed constant. I remember having to go to libraries in elementary to do my research, now days we just use the internet to do most of our research even though people can pretty much write anything they want on the net and people would assume its true.


2 Responses to “Wiki Wiki”

  1. Whenever I sit down at my computer to do research, I first of all give major gratitude to my computer, secondly I wonder how in the hell I would accomplish anything without it. Relatively speaking, the computer hasn’t been around that long, how is it that we are allowing ourself to forget so quickly the way things used to work? You know, a fall back plan? I consider myself lucky to know how to use all of the resources at the library, especially those which are not electronic. I think that’s rare among my peers.

    But that’s an aside, when you state that people pretty much assume anything on the internet is true, you’re probably quite accurate, but one should also consider… just because it’s published and in print – does that make it anymore valid?

  2. herewithnoone Says:

    ah yes, true true 🙂

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