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Worth seeing

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I’m Glad Its Over… I’m Done

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Thanks for all the new music

its been fun...

its been fun...

GOODBYE!!! (you all suck ass!)

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So yes it is time to farewell and say goodbye to all of you. You guys wern’t all that bad! I apologize to those who I offended (even though I am going to offend some more people in this post) but I am a hard muther fucker! Look at the toilet paper I use!


 There was the occasional time I wanted to be the break dancer in this video and do to some of you what he did to that dumb ass kid(believe it or not the kid is smarter than some of you!)

I think the winner of my dumb ass award on this BLOG has to go out to, without a doubt, a strangerwithcandy. Yes, this moron, still mad at nature for what it did to him at birth would occasionally write the most dumb ass shit I have ever read. But he isnt all that bad, after all he sent me a pic of his family! Aren’t they just adorable!


Runner up was STARRYCLOUD! This jackass thinks Japanese people should be forever pure for western influence! Great idea, hey maybe someday people of Japanese heritage can start a cool little club, and make a flag and shit to tell the world how pure and awesome they are! heres what that might look like!


aww but all you feminist bitches have a place in my heart too! I saved you guys an extra something special. How about you travel over to this link! Its a video of how to make you all shut the fuck up!







what? you didnt think it was funny?!?! fine how about the BEST JOKER SCENES! SEE YOU LATER!

Skateboard bails

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I’d rather see a skater bail than successfully land a trick, and I use to skateboard before…whats wrong with me? some exceptions are rodney mullen and chris haslam


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i think that halloween gives everyone the chance to dress the way they really want to.  a girl can wear a panty, bra, and a tail and all of a sudden she’s a fucking cat.  on the other hand, the quarterback of the football team can wear his girlfriend’s cheerleading uniform and he’s not considered a fag!  why is it that this one day of the year people can hide behind the fact that its Halloween and they can dress how ever the hell they want!

The hope of the new world?

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((Title is sarcastic))

If any of you have spent any amount of time on an Internet image board (specifically 4chan,) you would probably know why my friend called it the cesspool of the Internet. For those of you who don’t know, Image boards are much like forums where people are able to post ideas and images. One very important difference is that on image boards people are able to post anonymously. Due to this, people post all kinds of things that they would not if they were linked to a user name. Porn is even allowed on many boards. In addition to the wide variety of posting, people’s responses are also very free of restraint. If they see you as ignorant or foolish they will torment you to no end. Most of the stuff they post is pretty horrible and most of it represents some of the worst stuff of the Internet but at the same time the contributors are fairly well informed and intelligent (at least more intelligent than some of the people who comment onsome news sites) I think that it has the potential to be a powerful source of massive positive change. What gave me hope from where there was previously only darkness was the rally of the users against some of the more shady practices of Scientology.

This is an overview of some evidence of these shady practices. In protest “anonymous” lead a protest against these practices (There are a lot of articles on the net, but the wiki article gives a good description)

An important thing to note is that they are not opposing the church of Scientology doctrine, just some of the more shady stuff that goes on.

So what do you think? Can positive change come from such an unrestricted and often extremely vulgar group of people?

((For those of you who don’t know what image boards are like, please visit 4chan’s random board or ask a friend who contributes.))

Re: White Culture.

Posted in Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 by jahcritique

People these days are not allowed to be proud of the fact that they are white.  People automatically think your part of the ku klux klan. If you ask me thats completely unfair. Is it wrong to be proud of who you are.