Hooray for Myspace!

Has it really come to this?  I know many of you could have seen this video already, but it still freaks me out every time I watch it.  I mean, even though I laugh at it, I still find it very disturbing.  What the hell is wrong with this kid?


6 Responses to “Hooray for Myspace!”

  1. i have never seen this video before. but i can not believe what he is doing. I feel that with the lack of good parenting and the more invention of mindless technology this behavior will continue to grow. 21 century digital boy!

  2. herewithnoone Says:

    I remember this, i thought it was hilarious at how obsessed that kid was with myspace but I also felt bad for him at the same time.

    I told my friend something and she said I already told her that. I didnt remember telling her so i asked when i told her. She replied, “I saw it on your facebook”…

  3. his voice is gonna like…. die… @_@;

  4. For the first part of the video I was laughing my ass off but there more I watched this the more poisoning it got. It honestly shows how much how much the media can bite someones mind and just kill it. The screams were psychotic, the fighting was..pretty pussy like (haha), but definitely things like this shouldn’t be tolerated.

    I was just curious to know though, how many of us actually go home and go on myspace as soon as we go home? I think most of us subconsciously do it but don’t let it get to a level like this psycho. Whatever the case though, we might all be myspace addicts.

  5. It amazes me how addicting things like myspace and facebook are. I actually won’t get one because I know I will become obsessed with it. Why are we so enthralled and sucked in to these things? It’s almost like we become little spies that can sneak around and look at all these little pieces of other people’s lives. We get to control where we go and see almost anything we want about the person. It reminds of the video games we were talking about in class that are being designed right now. The ones that allow the player to go into little back scenes and get the player really involved in actually creating the storyline. The games that allow the player to control where they want to go and to see almost anything they want to see. It’s weird how much we love control.

  6. veeeronaaaa Says:

    Okay, you know how people would use the term “tweaker” when it comes to this sort of site especially if a person’s been on it for possibly hours? this is way worse than that..can you say OCD? lol

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