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Re: Celebrity Obsession.

Posted in Actuality, Survey of Action and Ideology, You Call Yourself An Artist! on December 20, 2008 by jahcritique

We as a society are completely over obsessed with famous people. Its pretty sad that theres an entire industry that is based on people following around celebrities documenting their every move. We really need to get our heads out of our asses and get a life America.  This is a funny clip showcasing the other side of the story.


Asian Celebrities

Posted in Actuality, Fashion Forensics on December 20, 2008 by penlead

Someone posted a couple of Korean celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures.  Until reading that post I had no idea that so many Asian stars had gotten plastic surgery, although I don’t know why I was surprised.  Upon further investigation, I found a whole slew of Asian plastic surgery stars.  It seems like the majority of their celebrities are all fake in some way.  That’s pretty sad.  The thing that struck me as even more saddening in this one is that most of the people already look really good in their before pictures.

re: victoria secret fashion show; random commercials

Posted in Actuality, Free Porn, Sampling on December 20, 2008 by herewithnoone

One of my favorite commercials but i had no idea what they were selling until i searched up what instant kiwi was

Random Fedex commercial I found on youtube. shows them playing around at work.

This next commercial is advertising a beer called Woodpecker yet the only birds in this commercial are ducks…?

This is also a pretty funny commercial, this one has some connection to what they are trying to sell, but it also uses a pretty woman kissing a random guy.

Dear God how far will women go?

Posted in Actuality on December 20, 2008 by fngrnailtree

Women’s favorite threat to a man is threatening his penis… It has NEVER been funny and will NEVER be funny… except to them. You never see guys saying they’re gonna uppercut your cooch or destroy the baby maker. WTF? Where’s the mutual respect and understanding?

here’s a full length feature of a dick threat…

and another mini feature

Oh you chubby cherubs :)

Posted in Actuality on December 20, 2008 by fngrnailtree

Is it wrong to make fun of fat people?  maybe.  I would much rather make fun of them in front of their parents so that the parents know… maybe i should take my child out to play…. or maybe i should start them on a healthier diet… or maybe i need to learn how to cook something healthy and not from a microwave!  Problems with obesity have gotten worse and worse lately, Americans are HUGE!  lets face it, there’s got to be a point here where we need to take some responsibility for the health issues of our people.  Many claim that they don’t have time to eat a nutritious meal because they’re always on the go but many fast food restaurants have adjusted their menu to suit people who want to maintain a healthy life style and still get to work on time.  It all comes down to choice and deprogramming our culture to not look to McDonald’s as option A for food, or start to CRAVE double cheeseburgers…twice a day.  I went to Florida recently to hang out in Disney world and noticed that 7 out of 10 (yes i took the time to count em’ out with my dad and brother on the bench) families were fucking huge!!!  Now you can’t just say “oh its something wrong with the families diet”  because if that’s the case then all these people must’ve been eating a the same dinner table.  The choice is more than often there for people to take advantage of but they look past it and take their health for granted and stop respecting their bodies and themselves… then they wonder why we make videos like this…

When words kill…

Posted in "TRUE" purpose of computing, Actuality with tags , , , , on December 20, 2008 by knocknak

So I happen to read an article about a month or two ago regarding South Korean Netizens driving celebrities to commit suicide.

Here’s the article:

One of my favorite Korean celebrity suicided by the name of Choi Jin Shil and it was concluded that she did so due to netizens driving her off the wall.

What’s wrong with the picture here?

Its so sad to find how crazy those South Korean Netizens are. At one time, a story about a girl killing herself because a boyfriend left her spread throughout the internet.

The netizens formed groups and tracked down the boyfriend and made petitions to make him lose his job and constantly being stalked.

What’s going on? Is this a new crime that is going to rise in South Korea?

Apparently it is. Let’s just hope that it would stop soon.

Verging on Annoying

Posted in Actuality, Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 by elukefahr

I have no idea how Family guy is able to make something funny instead of annoying because I have a feeling if another show did the same thing I would get annoyed.