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Wk 1- visual hunter gathering How do I watch a film?

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Ranging from films where robots created stories without words, to a subverted storyline of the Lord of the Rings catapulting a ring to victory, these different ways of watching film has created an interesting perspective on what cinema can be.

When I watched anime or a foreign drama/show with subtitles, I found it interesting how the audience were required to read every dialogue and listen to the voice of the actors to fully engage in with the cinema (as well as trying to see whats happening on the screen… talk about multitasking!) Watching the subverted LOTR catapulting the ring story, there was no music and it was simply made. And yet, we still enjoyed watching the “film”. Hmm… why is that so? It wasn’t professionally made… well, it was fun.

Cinema = enjoyment

Cinema = enjoyment

I thought it was very interesting how when I watch foreign shows with subtitles, I often noticed another subtitles (besides the subtitles for the dialogue) at the top of the film, explaining what certain words meant in its culture, etc (an example could be watching a Japanese drama and a subtitle on the bottom showing the dialogue: ex. “Hold on Senpai!” and on the top of the video it would have something like this: Senpai: a classmate who is older than you (<– here explaining the term used)

I thought it was really interesting how not only did I come to enjoy the show (even if I had to read, watch, and listen, at the same time) but I got to learn new things about that particular culture.

I found this video about a month ago, Deathsponge NotePants where the creator submerged a popular show in America, Spongebob Squarepants with a popular show in Japan, Death Note. The whole mood/feeling of the show changed and I thought it was so cool how different it felt when I watched it. Quite a suspense if you ask me.

How to watch a film… it depends really… sometimes I enjoy watching things just by listening. Sometimes I will click play on a video, close my eyes, and just listen to the whole show. Is this Cinema? Does that count as “watching” cinema? I don’t know. But I enjoy it. =]