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Posted in Actuality, Forensics with tags , , , on September 22, 2008 by yskid

I just saw this site this morning. It’s the Yogurtland at University and Metcalf.

Obviously, it’s a graffiti “tag” on the shop’s sign.

Through the information that we receive from the class and of course, the multimedia, we learned that graffiti is a form of art than just an act of vandalism. SO, can tagging Yogurtland sign be an art? (If not, what and when would make graffiti art?) Could it be a political statement? Or, it’s just an act of lunacy?

AND, then, I also received this e-mail:

> —

Subject: Graffiti Paint-Out Day

> Aloha:
> UH Mânoa strives to serve as a “destination of choice” for great
> students, faculty, staff, the citizens of Hawai‘i and beyond –
> our ability in accomplishing that goal depends a great deal on
> our neighbors and their efforts as well. So, with the aim
> of being a good neighbor, we want you to be aware that the
> McCully – Mo’ili’ili community is holding a Graffiti Paint-Out
> Day on Saturday, Sept. 27, 8:00-11:30 a.m. starting at Prince
> Kuhio School (corner of South King and Kahoaloha Streets).
> Painting supplies and refreshments will be provided. The event
> is sponsored by T.A.G. (Totally Against Graffiti) Team, an
> informal partnership of residents, businesses, schools and other
> groups committed to eradicating graffiti from our neighborhoods.
> We encourage any UH Manoa students or groups interested in
> helping our McCully – Mo’ili’ili neighbors in this
> beautification effort to contact Arlene Abiang, UHM Community
> Relations Manager, at x65637 or before Sept. 25.
> —

Clearly, these people do not take graffiti as art. They feel the need to beautify the neighborfood. BUT, the name of the sponsoring organization is TAG… They are tagging their presence by white paint?

Can we find some kind of “culture” in between these two acts?