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Re: Reality show, same thing over and over

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Responding to dmonis’ post on reality shows,

I find it interesting how the producers of the shows can use the same formula over and over again and still get the ratings they want.

Lets look at the popular reality show, Flavor of Love that “started” it all.

After watching Flavor of love I, II, and III, I’ve noticed a pattern going on:

Meet the contestants -> weed them out -> choose the winner -> reunion -> doesn’t work out -> new season -> *repeat*

The challenges bring a little diversity into the challenges but what makes these reality shows a big hit? The storyline is same, Flavor Flave is trying to find love, the thing doesn’t work out, and he’s at it again for more potential love.

Flavor of Flave started I Love New York which brought two more seasons to the reality show checklist.

Lack of Creativity? I think so.

What makes these shows unique are the contestants that gets put into the house. I’ve seen alot of scenes where the girls/men fought (pumpkin spitting, buddha/tailor made fighting etc) like there is not tomorrow. I have never seen that anywhere before!

I kept asking myself, what else is there that makes these shows such a big hit? Is it the flamboyant character of Flavor Flave and New York that makes it a huge hit? Probably, but as I kept asking these questions, it got me to think about the origins of these love seeking reality shows.

What I can think as of now are the shows, bachelor. A rich guy looking for a women to date. The formula that Flavor of Love used was there. But what made his show “pop” even more?

As I read some threads on our site, it got me to question if race had anything to do with it.

I have never saw any African/Dark Skinned Bachelor looking for love on TV. Even if there were Black Bachelors on the show, they would’ve been more mannered and well educated.

Where am I going with this?

I’m tying with the movie that we saw for our last class together. Just as the show in the movie became so much popular because it showcased the stereotypes of Black people, could it be that I Love New York and Flavor of Love is popular because of that as well? People spitting, fighting, backstabbing, cursing like there is no tomorrow, and partying wildly. Flavor of Flave acting like a fool from time to time and New York cursing at the girls and creating big scenes… is the stereotype helping the show become huge hits?

I remember watching the final episode of New York goes to Hollywood where the producers of the show asked New York if she would be interested in doing I love New York 3.

Her producers were white.

Coincidence? I’m finding these phenomena very interesting. What do you think?


White, Black and Yellow…What a colorful world?

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Do you see any problem in these three Moschino ads?

Don’t the nonwhite versions of the ads lacking in diversity compared to the white models? (although the white models also lacks in diversity in the hair colors.)

The White:

  • Only blond but different hair styles
  • Black and hounds-tooth check clothes
  • Pink and yellow tights
  • Yellow gloves
  • A pink-color bag (dog shape)
  • One wearing red shoes
  • one wearing peace-mark tank-top
  • one has darker complexion than others
  • The logo color is pastel green

The Black:

  • The same black Afro hairdos
  • Black, black and white, and dark red clothes
  • Black tights
  • Black and dark red gloves
  • Black and dark red shoes
  • All have the same dark complexion
  • One model is naked and wears only red high heels with smile
  • The logo color is black

The Yellow:

  • The same black short-bobbed hair
  • Yellow clothes
  • White tights
  • A gold glove visible
  • A silver bag
  • All have the same light complexion
  • The logo color is black

While the white models version has contrasting color varieties in their clothes, the others have very limited color contrasts. What is this message? Why does a black model has to be naked? and with a smile??? Why Asian models have to wear yellow? (because they have “yellow” skins!?) What are the connotations of these ads? There are so much to say about the stereotypes of each race/ethnicity that the ads are employing and taking benefit from them. In addition, this campaign lacks in representations of other race/ethnicity, right? This is one aspect of the fashion advertisement right now.

Level: Hard

  • Find fashion ads featuring models as necessary as possible, and construct a mosaic or spectrum image of American fashion advertisement. Then, explain your criteria of your work. You should be posting your finished work with your commentary to this blog under “Fashion Forensics.”
  • The proportion of each race/ethnicity should represent the finding of all of your ads. Therefore, you should not be looking for what you want to see but what you can find from the large pool of the fashion ads.
  • You should be deconstructing the images and reorganizing them by paying particular attention to race/ethnicity. Therefore, you should be thinking about conventional and unconventional images of each race/ethnicity when you deal with each ad.
  • Be creative about how you construct your work. You should look at the models’ appearance and features, but you should also look at clothes, makeup, color usage, accessories, and etc., and think about what they mean and symbolize.