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Ch. 2 Film Form: Shaun of the Dead

Posted in film, Forensics with tags on September 18, 2008 by herewithnoone

I thought this movie was very entertaining not just because of its content, but because of its form and how it played out. It has also been called the Rom Zom Com since it has the elements of a romance, zombie, and comedy movie all in one. It has the form that people can easily recognize in romance and zombie films. For the romance part of the movie; guy has girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl back. for the Zombie part of the movie; Life is normal, realization of zombies (even though Shaun doesnt realize it until later), and finally coming to accept what has happened and adapt to the situation.

What I also loved abut this movie is its repetition, in-jokes, and foreshadowing that are played throughout the whole movie. The youtube clip shows most of the repetition and in-jokes shown in the movie, the most memorable one to me being when the characters would tell Shaun that hes got red on him. There are also two continuous shots in the movie of when Shaun walks to the convenient store. Both are almost identical to each other except one is before the zombie infection and the other is after the zombie infection. It’s similar to how the book showed the similarities between Dorothy’s world and the Oz world in the movie.

The movie also had a lot of foreshadowing, usually referring that the character is going to die. During the first part of the movie, Shaun’s friend Ed makes a fart, jokingly saying that he will stop doing it when he’s dead. Of course, if a character is going to joke about dying in a zombie movie, then they are most likely not going to survive. During the end of the movie, Ed is bitten and decides to stay behind to give Shaun a chance to escape. But before they part, Ed makes another fart and once again says that he’ll stop doing it when he’s dead.

I think what made this movie successful was all the little things that were played throughout the movie. Its form was no different than any other zombie film but its small little in-jokes and repetition made it enjoyable.