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Plastic Surgery Addiction

Posted in Actuality, Forensics, Plastic with tags on December 11, 2008 by angielee777

Plastic Surgery…the way to go when you don’t like something about yourself…does it really fix the person and bring a sense of fulfillment or does it leave them the same empty self with a need for MORE surgery? I think that once someone goes under the knife, they’ll just keep going, it’s like a drug, one time isn’t enough…here are some famous examples…

michael jackson






..and so many more, just think, these are the famous plastic surgery addicts. Now think about the everyday people around us and the struggles they’ll go through in trying to look perfect like the people they see on TV and the Magazines.
Will people every become content with the way that they look now?
As we progress in technology will more and more people turn to plastic surgery?
What will look “normal” once a majority of the population slowly turns to plastic surgery, will we come to a place in society where we will create how we want to look like?


I encourage you all to love how you were created and the uniqueness of, YOU!


Re: How’s this for lack of creativity?

Posted in Lack of Creativity, You Call Yourself An Artist! with tags on December 5, 2008 by angielee777

I know that it was mentioned that it’s okay for movies to be remade into another version…but isn’t that exactly what Mencia did…He took Bill Cosby’s version of the football joke and remade it into a present day scenario (adding the Heinsman, NFL, NFL MVP, etc…). It’s like how there are so many versions of a song (like Jingle Bells) or kinda like how they redid Parent Trap.
ParentTrap   ParentTRap1998   
There are lots of remade versions of different things…although, because jokes aren’t copyrighted, I can see the issue that lies with stealing the credit of another comedian’s original work; compared to musical artists and movie writers that give credit to the original writer.  

So I found this article (click here) on comedians that have actually taken action with lawsuits against those that steal their jokes. It tells of Jay Leno and how he filed a lawsuit against a woman who published a book with some of his jokes in them. This issue of copyrighting jokes is becoming a bigger issue and it should be interesting to see the final outcome of the comedy industry. Will we come to a place where everything will be copyrighted? How will the public be affected by these protections? Should even small time comedians copyright their jokes also? How far should copyrighting jokes go?

HOLLYWOOD: Use of History

Posted in film, Forensics, Survey of Action and Ideology with tags on December 1, 2008 by angielee777

There are different moments in history that Hollywood re-creates (ex: Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, Gladiator, Stalingrad, Braveheart, etc). But I’d like to focus on two movies in particular that uses history for their own storyline or portraying the actual event itself

1. Titanic (1997)

This movie is an example of how hollywood uses a point in history and embellishes it with a story of their own (Leonardo and Kate’s love story). It uses the tragic event in 1912 to paint the background picture of the main story-line of Leonardo and Kate. The main point isn’t the historical event rather, the fictional love story. When watching the director’s commentary on this movie, focus was greatly on portraying the couples battle in being together during the tragic event (which they made the audience feel as if they were on the Titanic). They do a very good job in presenting fictional information in such a way that it could imply it is factual and actually happened on the Titanic.

On the other hand…

2. The Passion of Christ

In this film, it depicts the crucifixion of Jesus and walks one through the whole process of His death and resurrection. Although there are possible fictional interaction between Mary (mother of Jesus) and Jesus, and other personal interpretations of what Satan could be or look like, the fictional parts isn’t the main storyline but the historical account of the crucifixion of Jesus. When I watched the directors commentary on this, they focused on how to best portray the actual event and kind of reminded me of when we watched the Saving Private Ryan commentary and how they tried to recreate the actual event. it’s cool that they go even as far as making the whole movie in the original language that was spoken at the time (Aramaic) and even the clothing and architecture was made to accuracy.

it’s interesting to see the way hollywood uses historical events and either make a movie on it or use the event itself to paint the background picture of their own created plot within the event. It’s cool to see the creativity that one can have using past events and creating their own story from history. And it’s also neat to see hollywood make a historical even look more vivid and real, rather than a mundane and boring school-like educational film.

How do you think history should be used in movies?