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When words kill…

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So I happen to read an article about a month or two ago regarding South Korean Netizens driving celebrities to commit suicide.

Here’s the article:

One of my favorite Korean celebrity suicided by the name of Choi Jin Shil and it was concluded that she did so due to netizens driving her off the wall.

What’s wrong with the picture here?

Its so sad to find how crazy those South Korean Netizens are. At one time, a story about a girl killing herself because a boyfriend left her spread throughout the internet.

The netizens formed groups and tracked down the boyfriend and made petitions to make him lose his job and constantly being stalked.

What’s going on? Is this a new crime that is going to rise in South Korea?

Apparently it is. Let’s just hope that it would stop soon.


Re: I’m Soo Deep

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So I’ve been reading alot of “articles” here on Camouflage culture and I really enjoyed how there was a strong emphasis on satire and survey of action and ideology on our forum.

Responding to jeffrah’s post on “I’m Soo Deep”, what got me really thinking was what the video was categorized under,


Now, why would a satirical comedic poem be categorized under plastic?

This is by far, my favorite commercial of all time.

This commercial not only has great amount of creativity embedded on it, to me it felt as if it brought a level of commercial to a new level.

Being plastic… what does it really mean?

To be, being plastic is always trying to top another person or another thing.

To be a perfect “creation”. We hunger to be plastic, do we not?

Re: Reality show, same thing over and over

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Responding to dmonis’ post on reality shows,

I find it interesting how the producers of the shows can use the same formula over and over again and still get the ratings they want.

Lets look at the popular reality show, Flavor of Love that “started” it all.

After watching Flavor of love I, II, and III, I’ve noticed a pattern going on:

Meet the contestants -> weed them out -> choose the winner -> reunion -> doesn’t work out -> new season -> *repeat*

The challenges bring a little diversity into the challenges but what makes these reality shows a big hit? The storyline is same, Flavor Flave is trying to find love, the thing doesn’t work out, and he’s at it again for more potential love.

Flavor of Flave started I Love New York which brought two more seasons to the reality show checklist.

Lack of Creativity? I think so.

What makes these shows unique are the contestants that gets put into the house. I’ve seen alot of scenes where the girls/men fought (pumpkin spitting, buddha/tailor made fighting etc) like there is not tomorrow. I have never seen that anywhere before!

I kept asking myself, what else is there that makes these shows such a big hit? Is it the flamboyant character of Flavor Flave and New York that makes it a huge hit? Probably, but as I kept asking these questions, it got me to think about the origins of these love seeking reality shows.

What I can think as of now are the shows, bachelor. A rich guy looking for a women to date. The formula that Flavor of Love used was there. But what made his show “pop” even more?

As I read some threads on our site, it got me to question if race had anything to do with it.

I have never saw any African/Dark Skinned Bachelor looking for love on TV. Even if there were Black Bachelors on the show, they would’ve been more mannered and well educated.

Where am I going with this?

I’m tying with the movie that we saw for our last class together. Just as the show in the movie became so much popular because it showcased the stereotypes of Black people, could it be that I Love New York and Flavor of Love is popular because of that as well? People spitting, fighting, backstabbing, cursing like there is no tomorrow, and partying wildly. Flavor of Flave acting like a fool from time to time and New York cursing at the girls and creating big scenes… is the stereotype helping the show become huge hits?

I remember watching the final episode of New York goes to Hollywood where the producers of the show asked New York if she would be interested in doing I love New York 3.

Her producers were white.

Coincidence? I’m finding these phenomena very interesting. What do you think?

Re: Where’s the diversity People

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*Mission Completed* Bigdickdaddy’s mission: to find 5 magazine covers that has models other than white.*

Bigdickdaddy posted a thread, “Where’s the diversity People” questioning why there was no diversity when it came to magazine covers. Then people quickly took action and replied to him saying that there is diversity in fashion magazine covers. This is true and false according to my PoliSci Professor.

Hear me out.

Bigdickdaddy questioned “It seems models in Fashion Magizines have to be White, is this true?”

Apprarently yes. Let’s take a look at one of our Super Models, Tyra Banks.

Is Tyra banks really black? Or really white? Hmmm?

Is Tyra banks really black? Or actually white?


I took a political science class last semester and at one class, the professor (who was African-American himself) showed us a video about Africans talking about beauty. At one point, the blacks were saying how they were ugly compared to the whites and how they felt that they were inferior to the other races.

I got mad and said to the teacher, that is so untrue! America is so diverse! We have so many beautiful African-Americans in America!

The professor then said “Ah, there’s the problem”. And I got confused.

He asked me to name some “beautiful” African-Americans in America, and so I said Tyra Banks.

He asked me to name another and I said Naomi Cambell.

Naomi is white?

Naomi is white?


He stated that the very reason why they were depicted as beautiful, and the very reason why they were able to embrace the fashion world was due to their ability to camouflage and become white in the society. Whether it was acting more like a white person, or dressing like one, changing who they originally were, their root, made them become “beautiful” in America. Being Plastic?

As many people have commented on BigDickDaddy’s thread, yes there is diversity when it comes to fashion magazines but are they all really diverse? That was the question that my professor asked me that I could not seem to find an answer. Tyra banks and Naomi Cambell had to become Americanized in order to be beautiful and be accepted by the fashion world.

Is this true? I remember watching a interview where Tyra Banks told about hardships she has faced as a African-American Model, and she stated how at one point she had to change her ways in order to get hired.

Think about the pagents, modeling, videos, cinema, fashion, and more. Who started it?

Every magazine I saw with different ethnicity had at least some sort of white fonts on it.

Worse, Darker skinned models seemed to have more white colors around them.




Black Enterprise... white all over

Black Enterprise... white all over


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last week, we talked about pornography and how some of us did not accept it.

When I was very little, I remember watching SHIN CHAN with my mom.

Now if you don’t know about the show, there is this little devious kid gets naked from time to time and does this butt dance. I tried to copy that many times and my mom would just crack up.

I was around 6 or 7 when I started watching the show and I remember Shin chan taking off his pants and he would have his penis showing. My mom would comment how its so cute to have that in a cartoon

and i would be laughing and jumping all over the place.

hahahaha. its so interesting how every generation, so many things are changing.

what’s next?


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Saw doesn’t scare me anymore ; ]


And something more funny for you to enjoy…

Courage the Cowardly Dog Show!

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Man, courage the cowardly dog has got to be my favorite cartoon character of all times.

I really enjoyed the voice actor who made the screams of courage and yelps alive and the show was just plain entertaining.

these were some of the story boards I was able to find on the internet.


I remember watching this particular episode, where this elvis musician type of villain comes up and tries to take Muriel’s soul away.

It’s so cool how I got to find some storyboards and actually remembering how the episode was.

My dream is to become the best animator/cartoonist in the world, and I hope that I can create heart-filling stories and just darn entertaining shows one day. =]