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Graduation songs

Posted in Lack of Creativity, music with tags , , , on December 10, 2008 by soweird666

With finals and graduation coming up, I thought about my own high school graduation. During the final weeks of high school, us seniors were expected to pick a class song to sing at graduation. As usual, Graduation by Vitamin C came up as well as other well known graduation songs. So I thought to myself, Where is there so few songs dealing with graduation? Are the lyricists and musicians so lazy that they can’t come up with more graduation songs so that there will more variety?


Christmas Songs Are Not The Only Song Remakes

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I was reading the blog Christmas Cliche, and it made me think about not just Christmas songs being remade, but songs in general. There are songs out there that have been remade. One is What Hurts The Most. The version that everyone knows nowadays is the one done by Rascal Flatts. However, it was originally recorded by Mark Wills. In 2005, Jo O’Meara, formerly of S Club 7, recorded and released it as a single for her album. In 2006, the song was recorded and released as a single for Rascal Flatts. Then, this year, a group named Cascada did recorded and released it as a single.

Why is it that the musicians and singers out there are constantly redoing songs? I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s getting old hearing different people singing the same song over and over again. It’s like watching a person beat the song to death with a bat.

Rx Bandits

Posted in Fashion Forensics with tags , on December 5, 2008 by btoyama

Okay, so here’s a band I’ve been a fan of since they were a little ska band and nobody really knew who they were, not that a lot of people to now however. If you know of them, then good for you. I figured it would be a good post since they always had the same ideas that are constantly flowing though the Camouflage Culture. One of my favorite albums “The resignation” came out under Drive-Thru records in 2003. The whole album deals with this constant theme of unachievable beauty, the misleading media, and also deals with the problems in the middle east. Anyways heres a couple tracks that I think really apply to the blog.

“Sell your beautiful”

Look who’s got a new nose 
Plastic lips and fake tits
Ever tasted silicon?
I’ve got scars on my eyes
Look who is the best dressed
Oh my gosh the worst hair
Who designed that mink coat?
I’ve got stars in my eyes
Guess who’s got a new car?
Bet she dates a rockstar
I wanna make a million
I’ve got lies in my mouth
Eyeshadow and glitter gold
Diamond rings and lip syncs
Anything material
I’ve got scars on my eyes
Baby you know if you’re not beautiful
Just cover it up
With make-up kits and perforated scalpel seams 
we’ll do you right up
I’m so obsessed with looking like celebrities 
Make myself throw up
But it’s all right cause one day I know I’ll be fine like everyone else
Music played to advertise
Logo shirts and hair styles
Chop and cut monopolize
I’ve got scars in my mouth
Worship to the cash cow 
Nod your head now take a bow
Faking grins and cleft chins
I’ve got stars in my eyes
Baby you know if you’re not beautiful 
Just cover it up
With make-up kits and perforated scalpel seams 
We’ll do you right up
I’m so obsessed with livin’ like celebrities
Make myself throw up
With staple skin and back stab flattery
I’m coughin it up
Hey little darlin I’ll sell you the definition
If you follow me through pages and channels of deceit where
Everyone is perfect and nobody grows old 
Relax in the ignorance of images cause beautiful
Is what we’re sellin…….
(Its not how you feel its only how you look) 


Here’s another video, kinda off topic, but it’s just so damn good.

“Overcome (the Recapitulation)”

…and please discuss.