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Mission: Cultural Learnings

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EASY MISSION: Find 3 photos from a runway show that shows a style of dress presenting/sampled from another culture. If you can’t find runway show photos, post images of celebrities wearing ethnic garb. Comment about what you think.


So I got one runway picture and two celebrities wearing ethnic clothings…

This is on the runway…the model is wearing a more modern kimono (Japanese) dress.  It is very different from a traditional kimono but it give a real modern touch to it with the black lace.  I’m not really fond of her make-up or the color of the dress but it looks really cute and nice.  

This next picture is of tennis player Venus Williams and Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko wearing a traditional korean dress, hanbok.  I think it’s pretty cool that they’d wear this in korea after their match, it shows their respect for the culture and people there.  

Finally this is the Cheetah girls (three girls in the center) wearing Indian clothing…i think this is from a movie they made or a music video.  They actually look really good in them, I think Indian dresses look cute.  


Would you wear another cultures clothing?  Do you think this brings a more sense of unity between different nations by showing celebrities and fashion designers taking from other cultural clothing attire?


mission: Women that play FOOTBALL

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This is pretty cool. A women’s Football league. Crazy! It reminded me of “A League of their Own,” because these women play while the men are on off season and they play purely out of passion and love for the sport (no salary, endorsements). It’s also really cool because it’s not like powder puff football, but same rules they use in the NFL!!!! How crazy is that.  In a blog, I read how these women are “only raw talent, emotion, and passion” and that “these are some of the most inspirational athletes you’ll find anywhere.” Yeah, these women may look or be known as a butch or masculine because they play football…playerplayer2group

But these women are from all over the country, giving all of their heart and passion into football.  cheerlineup

There’s no pay, it’s all for the enjoyment of FOOTBALL!

There seems to be no controversy with the NFL, due to it being fairly recently established and probably because they don’t care about the girls..but they’re still holding tryouts and still playing…nothing holds these ladies back.

What do you think about these ladies?  Do you support them playing this “man” sport?  Do you think this will last very long or only be sustained for a short while?

Re: Where’s the diversity People

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*Mission Completed* Bigdickdaddy’s mission: to find 5 magazine covers that has models other than white.*

Bigdickdaddy posted a thread, “Where’s the diversity People” questioning why there was no diversity when it came to magazine covers. Then people quickly took action and replied to him saying that there is diversity in fashion magazine covers. This is true and false according to my PoliSci Professor.

Hear me out.

Bigdickdaddy questioned “It seems models in Fashion Magizines have to be White, is this true?”

Apprarently yes. Let’s take a look at one of our Super Models, Tyra Banks.

Is Tyra banks really black? Or really white? Hmmm?

Is Tyra banks really black? Or actually white?


I took a political science class last semester and at one class, the professor (who was African-American himself) showed us a video about Africans talking about beauty. At one point, the blacks were saying how they were ugly compared to the whites and how they felt that they were inferior to the other races.

I got mad and said to the teacher, that is so untrue! America is so diverse! We have so many beautiful African-Americans in America!

The professor then said “Ah, there’s the problem”. And I got confused.

He asked me to name some “beautiful” African-Americans in America, and so I said Tyra Banks.

He asked me to name another and I said Naomi Cambell.

Naomi is white?

Naomi is white?


He stated that the very reason why they were depicted as beautiful, and the very reason why they were able to embrace the fashion world was due to their ability to camouflage and become white in the society. Whether it was acting more like a white person, or dressing like one, changing who they originally were, their root, made them become “beautiful” in America. Being Plastic?

As many people have commented on BigDickDaddy’s thread, yes there is diversity when it comes to fashion magazines but are they all really diverse? That was the question that my professor asked me that I could not seem to find an answer. Tyra banks and Naomi Cambell had to become Americanized in order to be beautiful and be accepted by the fashion world.

Is this true? I remember watching a interview where Tyra Banks told about hardships she has faced as a African-American Model, and she stated how at one point she had to change her ways in order to get hired.

Think about the pagents, modeling, videos, cinema, fashion, and more. Who started it?

Every magazine I saw with different ethnicity had at least some sort of white fonts on it.

Worse, Darker skinned models seemed to have more white colors around them.




Black Enterprise... white all over

Black Enterprise... white all over

Diversity response

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((I was not sure if of color meant non-white or the traditional view of the word colored so I went with the former definition.  I tried to stay away from foreign magazines))

10 min. Google Image search.  Or so I thought…(see end of post)

I ended up realizing that a few of my finds were actually from foreign editions of the same magazines(and Im questioning if the Maxim is an american edition) I ended up being pretty discouraged by the few that I could find, though at the same time I wonder if there are more and that they were just not on google image search, the fact of which has implications in itself.

Diversity response

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So what I noticed from this was that there weren’t as many colored women as there are caucasian woman on the magazine covers. the cool thing is that there are a lot of mixed girls, like half caucasian and something else…BUT yeah…it was tough to find these women, especially asian women (unless I looked up the asian version of these magazines).

1.  Seventeen MAgazine *sorry didn’t wanna look up Playboy


2. Maxium

Lucy Liu


3.  Vanity Faith


4.  Cosmopolitan

Alicia Keys

5.  Vogue

Random Model