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It’s pretty obvious that the media tends to have a lot of remade and old ideas that they try to sell us as new, when we all know that they’re not. Not all of these sequels and old ideas are bad necessarily. Speaking from a musical standpoint, many bands pick up old song that people seldom hear, and cover them making them new works of art. Some covers are actually more known that the original song themselves. This may apply to you or not, but for me and my friends back home, when we think of the song “99 red balloons” we think of Goldfinger’s cover rather than the original by Nena.

Here’s the original by Nena.

…and the cover by Goldfinger

This is a case where I personally liked the cover more than the original. I think it was due to the fact that the the original was a mediocre song, which gave Goldfinger room to improve. There are cases where there should have not have been a cover, because the original was a good song to begin with. In this next video Pennywise does a live cover of “Stand by me.” They try to take an oldie and add a punk feel to it. Not only that, but on the live version they have a group of drunk kids singing the first portion of the song, and who doesn’t love the cheap karaoke sound to an all time favorite.



American Applause, Asian Roots

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Americans make the best movies, hands down.  A jewel of a movie may pop up once in a while from Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, or Canada, but when it comes down to it American’s are the ones that make the movies that are seen around the world.  With that said, it is shocking to see how many American movies are made with Asian Influences.  Here are a few of them… Some very obvious and some you would never have guessed. (With bonus add on from yours truly)

The Matrix / GHOST in the SHELL (Japanese)

Who would have thought that The Matrix was based off of a Japanese Idea… actually that makes a lot of sense now…

The Ring (2003) / Ringu (リング) (Japanese)

Yup, as we all know, the reason why everyone exchanged their VHS Decks for DVD Players originated in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Story line in the American version was much better… but be honest… A creepy Japanese boy will always scare the shit out of me way before a creepy white boy.  That kid from “The Shinning” doesn’t stand a chance.

Shall We Dance? (2004) / Shall We Dansu? (シャルウイダンス?)(Japanese)

Don’t blame me, the source that I found this from actually spelt it “Dansu”  To me thats just racist.  If they wanted to be authentic they would have wrote syaru ui dansu?  But I digress, the Richard Gere and J-Lo Movie was really a movie that was made in Japan.  Who knew?

The Grudge (2004) / Ju-On(呪怨)(Japnese)

Even though there are very little similarities between “The Grudge” and “Ju-On,” americans once again took the idea from Japan.  I would recommend seeing both if you’ve only seen one and liked it.  It’s sort of like seeing the same villain in a series of different movies i.e. The Nightmare on Elms Street movies

The Departed (2007) / Infernal Affairs (無間道) (Hong Kong)

Scorsese should kick himself in the ass for accepting the Picture of the Year award for THIS carbon copy job.  If you’ve ever seen Infernal Affairs then you’ve seen everything.  I’m not saying that The Departed was a bad movie, It was great!  It’s just after making movies like “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull” Scorsese could have held out for more.
The Eye (2008) / Gin Gwai(見鬼)(Chinese)

Such a great Chinese thriller, If only the American version was as good.  Well at least Jessica Alba is hot.  Word of advice.. Watch the American version on MUTE.  Same goes for Into the Blue and Fantastic Four.

Speed Racer (2008) (Live Action Remake of a Japanese Anime)

Not a Direct copy of an asian film but was inspired non the less.  Based of the Anime Series マッハGoGoGo (translation Mahha555 (play on words)) is an example how americans take a Japanese idea and what they do with it. (IDK, I liked it)

The Magnificent Seven / Seven Samurai (七人の侍) (Japan)

This one took me by surprise.  There is nothing more american than the western and to find out it was inspired by a japanese film.  Just another example that all ideas are universal

So here are few examples I came up with.  Any more out there?