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Ch 2. Form in Film: Gamers are people too…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on September 19, 2008 by meitanteibilly

Movies are ideas transmitted through art.  But they are not just unformed blobs of ideas.  Movies have forms that give a movie structure and help to engage us.  The form of a movie is decided by set elements such as story structure, the framing of shots through knowledge of an audiences prior experience and knowledge given to them earlier in the move.  The meaning behind the work and the basic principles that many movies follow also help to make the movie the movie.

Most movies contain all of these basic elements to create the film’s form.  For this post, I will be analyzing the form of the movie: The Gamers.  The gamers is a short movie about a group of gamers who are playing a dungeons and dragons-esque game.  The movie follows their in game characters as they adventure and try to save a princess. The movie is a comedy and isn’t very long.  It’s a pleasant watch if you’re bored.

The structure of the storyline is one of the important parts of a movie.  The structure of the movie, the meaning and symbols shown within the movie, and continuity are all very important to the structure of the movie as a whole.  An example of the structure would be that because A happens, B happens, and because of this C happens.  This order helps to engage us to become involved with the movie and the storyline, though because to do something expected all of the time is boring, movie makers often include new developments in a plot to keep us on our toes and try to force us to rethink what is going to happen.  In The Gamers the story follows a very simple ABC model.  The characters are given a quest and after facing the challenges of the evil villain, they finally face and defeat the evil.

While a very simple movie, it is a good example of a movie that relies on the previous experience of the audience.  The Gamers, being about a group of gamers, has a lot of “in jokes.”  From jokes about the unreliability of the dice roll, to jokes about gamers with girlfriends, a lot of the humors is based off of stereotypes about geeks and knowledge that geeks would know.  While one may think that this would not appeal to a wide range of audiences, it has been able to make audiences all over laugh.  It’s success can probably be attributed to the fact that most people are familiar with at least some form of the “D&D geek” stereotype, or even just the geek stereotype.  In addition the storyline is easy to follow.  This doesn’t detract from the movie because it’s such light humor.