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video game cinema CAN make you cry

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So couple of weeks ago, we talked about whether short movies that occur in video games can ever be personable (enough to make us cry).

Some said yes, one guy said no, and the rest had no comment.

I finally got to talk to my friend who’s really into video games just yesterday, and he told me how final fantasy vii made him cry.

here’s the video my very manly bud cried over:

the scene where Aerith from finalfantasy vii died.

basically in this game, there’s no in voice games but texts (just like the LoTR catapult parody) and you basically read the story.

has a game have ever been personable to you?


Dead Fantasy

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Its pretty epic.

Macinema was it? I think its so interesting how creative these “directors’ can get nowadays.

it gets better. dont worry. lol

So the important question that rises from these macinema. What does it mean?

What do these videos represent?

We have a tendency to enjoy watching action filled films.

Some enjoy watching people getting hit (“tortured”), and some just enjoy it because its all girls beating the crap out of each other.

What do you guys think? =]