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Posted in film with tags , , , on September 19, 2008 by japaneseperson

In movies you see death all the time. How we react to it is all up to the director. Depending on what rating it is the director may cut away from the gory details to save your brain from the trauma. In the link below is a video of a out right murder in the streets. Be warned it is literally a guy shooting another man at point blank range. I’m not sure on the legality of these videos or if the cameraman can be charged as an accomplice but it is intense. I also have to question if this is even real due to how unnecessarily he was killed but If this is real this video shocked me because i didn’t think something like this would be online. This director is using murder to make money! I would like to hear others thoughts about this.

this is the link

if you want to see more there are a few more on this page.