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Musical formality; Are we even aware of it in films?

Posted in Actuality, film, Forensics, Self-Aware Computing, Virtuality with tags , on September 14, 2008 by DNsimon

Its funny how musical scenes in films just completely draws viewers in the moment of the scene. Could it be the song being sung itself that causes the infatuation? Or is it how the music and another certain element of the film work well together?

A scene from Disney Channel’s Camp Rock:

“Why is this boy singing to this girl?” , “Is there something between the two?”, “Okay, so are they gonna end up together later in the movie?”, “That girl must be stoked.” . Most viewers would expect that the two will end up together but if they don’t, the scene would seem pointless to the spectators, right? This scene gives an example of how the elements at play can give off an emotional response towards the viewers. 

But what about the form of the song, its variation? It was structured in a ABDB pattern where there was a first verse [A], chorus [B], bridge [D], then a repetition of the chorus [B]. Most songs would include another verse [C] after the first chorus, but most viewers wouldn’t be able to point it out because of how well the forces at play (The boy, the girl, the music) worked together to create this one moment in the film. Were you aware of it when you watched it?

If music fits well within the moment or spectacle of a scene, the viewers would develop some sort of expectation, an emotional connection, curiosity, and a sense of motivation, all of which are a part of the film’s overall form.