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The price of being COOL?

Posted in Forensics with tags , , , , on September 15, 2008 by yskid

I found this, and it reminds me about what we talked about being “cool” and all.

In the end, the “cool” guy is killed by a hunter (the “cool” hunter?) with a quote at the end, “to floss and be the boss you must pay the ultimate cost.” Doesn’t it resonate with the class topic?
It seems like the hunter spoils everything cool, but there is a twist here. This is a BAPE, a Japanese fashion brand, cartoon. It uses the mockery of street fashion into its promotion. promoting its coolness >>> coolness being spoiled >>> making a mockery of that fashion cycle >>> the brand becomes cool again???

Maybe, there are different interpretation, but the BAPE is using cartoon to promote its coolness instead of using ads because putting up ads is not cool. Ads represents commercialism, and that’s not about subculture or street fashion anymore.