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Completely relevent commercials

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These commercials demonstrate exactly what they’re selling and convey why the masses of people play it. Effective commercials that are relevant to the product. Okay, they are celebs telling you that they play it and you might find it fun too, but they dont promise that you might get the ladies if you play it or that it will make you cool or popular. Just that you might have fun.


sex in commercials

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This is a good short clip show what young girls are being exposed to. I think they did a good job tieing eveything together and having the message come on when the girl is looking at you with a innocent face.

Will you buy it?

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Look at the Whooper Virgins commercial:

I recently saw this commercial on TV, and I was pretty disturbed by this. Think about the time, money, human resources and CO2 emissions for just to compare the taste of Whopper and BigMac. What a waste…

AND, I think that the tone of the narrative and the background sound making things worse. It’s overly exoticizing the people and making humor out of it…

Don’t you think so?

so gay..

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I see this commercial a lot and just thought that it was really annoying.

No matter what, people will always say that, and even if “gay” is being said, it doesn’t mean that people are using it in that sort of context. Freedom of speech? I think not. It never really bothered people then, and it shouldn’t really bother us now.

I would like to say, this commercial is “so gay.” What are they gonna do now? :p

Feeding the heterosexual male fantasy

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This is a commercial of Ecko.

“Jeans made with love,” “Hot Girls Make Great Jeans.” Yeah, right… Who would believe them?

By feeding the heterosexual male fantasy, they try to sell their products. AND, it works! There are men/boys who are stupid enough to buy them. Or maybe, it’s not about stupidity of men/boys, but Ecko knows that the commercial will fulfill its goal (sell their brand and stuff) and that the actuality doesn’t matter for those who would buy their commodities. They done their homework with their core target “cool” guys/kids and know that they don’t have to hint around about sex like D&G or DIESEL for their target consumers. They can use it straightforwardly. [Product]+[Eroticism]=$$$$

I STILL want you!

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Thinking about Popular Culture, I thought this might be interesting.

There are already parody versions of it, but i just put the original one instead. This commercial is exploiting movies and drama technics like cutback and whatnot, right? We already know that being a soldier is not that cool, and we know what is a modern American war is like from watching  news, YouTube, or movies like Full Metal Jacket, Black Hawk Down, Jarhead or Flags of Our Fathers. In the time that a movie tells us an authentic reality of a war by a drama, the army is making a commercial that is less real by dramatizing it. What’s up with that!? AND, how come it is still an effective commercial? Many think that it’s still cool, right?

I think the army had invested a lot of money on the Army Strong commercials. They understand that (young) people don’t buy into patriotism alone anymore, and so, they started to construct and promote the coolness of the army, which they definitely buy into. Where would our reality lie? Isn’t this movement scary? or comforting?