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Black Hawk Down

Posted in film with tags , on September 18, 2008 by kenhh

This is a scene from the movie Black Hawk Down; this movie used the elements covered in Chapter 2. Looking the principles similarity/ repetition also with Difference/ Variation this clip of the movie uses these to give the audience the full affect of the war situation that the soldiers are placed in.

In this scene a black hawk helicopter was hit from an enemy rpg, this in turn causes it to crash land in hot zone. A fellow black hawk has two soldiers willing to go into the crash zone to try and hold off the enemy until backup comes. They decided to risk their lives for the safety and support of aother soldier, even when the odds are not in their favor.

The film director used repetition when shooting the black hawk right before it was hit with the rpg and when the enemy was running towards the fallen helicopter. They used keep switching the camera angles and going back to then, to allow everyone to see the enemy advancing to the crash site. This allowed the audience to anticipate the gun fight and made the viewer anxious to hear the answer from the General. Also when the are holding the parameter they use repetition to give the effect they are out numbered and that time is running out as they wait for backup, this scene caused the feeling of panic for the soldiers.

For the Difference and Variation they changed the speed of the film and drowned out the sound with music at the point where the enemy killed the two soldiers and took the other prisoner. This change of pace of the movie allowed the audience to feel emotions for the soldiers and to have the feeling of defeat.

With these principles in the film, this movie was very effective on giving the full affect of the war and created a sense of defeat and pride for this countries support and loyalty for their fellow men.