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Big Brother is always watching

Posted in Survey of Action and Ideology with tags on December 1, 2008 by tlb10499

no matter how we try and escape to non conform to not be what THEY want us to be eventually we give in, because we have to. it was said to me a long time ago, if u dont hate the system by 18 u got no heart, if ur not in the system by 30 u got no brains! ive been around a bit and realized that to get what i want i have to kiss ass and suck up to someone, eventually. the beauty of it i guess is when i di what i do to get what i want it is usually to help someone else fuck the system. i dont mind sacrificing myself to get ahead…to eventually help. i work in in a field that has such horrible stereotypes on people, i help get them past the red tape to get what they need, which most of the time in nothing more than hierarchy of needs people need to survive.

so watch on UH,,,we may have to kiss ass today but the welfare and overall well being of my society is well worth it because if u really KNEW who i was and what i was thinking…i wouldnt be here at all.



Materialism Kills

Posted in Survey of Action and Ideology, Uncategorized with tags on December 1, 2008 by Todd

materialism – A great or excessive regard for worldly concerns

On friday I heard about what happened to a Wal-Mart employee when a New York store opened early in the morning for it’s black friday sales.  Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death by a mob of consumers as the front doors opened.  

I asked myself why?  What caused this to happen and could it of happened here?  Personally, I don’t think this would of happened in other places around the world.  The walmart sales this year were not very good and really people were only saving a few dollars or just a small percent of they would of spent had they waited a few days.  I think that’s its our american society that has so many people to because obsessed with “stuff”.   Its our modern advertising that tells us we have to have something no matter what.


Heres a video I found about advertising today

Based on the commercials that I’ve worked on I can tell you that what he is saying is true. Advertising’s only concern that we buy their product.  They don’t care about things like racism or us at all. They only want us to buy, buy, buy and do anything to accomplish what they want.  I believe that we’re slowly going crazy because of it.

Diversity in Modeling

Posted in Fashion Forensics, Forensics with tags on November 27, 2008 by jamcq


Here are five magazine covers featuring non-caucasian models.  The magazines I chose are not the ones recommended…  Playboy, Maxim?  Clearly the magazines preferred by whomever created that post.  These are mine.  Ok, I’m not sure what the ethnicity is of the women on Diva, an English Lesbian magazine, but who really cares.


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People using the oakley name as a way to make some extra bones selling knock offs… you can find these “foakleys” all over NYC.

The New World

Posted in Emulation, Simulation, Virtuality with tags on November 24, 2008 by dgalarza

In one of my other classes I discovered this interesting term called “Simulacra”, which is basically this imagery or idea of representations we construct in our minds in order to make sense of the world.  I found this clip online which symbolizes this idea of how we tend to reproduce what is already real, and making unexisting thoughts reality. 

The clip introduces this man-made destination called “The World” and its suppose to represent this island paradise which provides basically your every needs and desires.  The islands and residential areas are constructed in ways to make living convenient and easy.  They tend to attract viewers by explaining its a world of exploring, a place to relax or simply getting away.  In other words “this world” is simply a fantasy which most people can only imagine in their minds, unrealistic thoughts or desires becoming true. 

They somehow push viewers to believe that these ideal developments can change the perceptions of people’s understanding of what is real. Especially in the beginning when they mention how “the remarkable becomes the new reality.”  Is that really possible?

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

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newspaper face warp

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4 PM. Roswell, New Mexico. Pouring her second martini, feet up on her brand new Electrolux vacuum cleaner, Mrs. Jones waits for her husband to return from the Airforce base. She notices a falsh of light from the window and, upon moving to the window, her face flashes in horror, candy-apple lipgloss melts from her lips, in her final minute.”