Re: White Culture.

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People these days are not allowed to be proud of the fact that they are white.  People automatically think your part of the ku klux klan. If you ask me thats completely unfair. Is it wrong to be proud of who you are.


fast food!!

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america is the most obese nation in the world!  fast food is getting so much easier to get.  people really dont have time anymore to make a real home cooked meal.  that means that families dont really get to eat together anymore.  the idea of nuclear family is fading fast.  is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Re Video Game Society

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Kids these days are getting too much stimulation from computer and television screens. Nothing is real anymore, kids live in a completely virtual world, separated from reality.

music lifestyles

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the kind of music that you listen to doesnt just provide you entertainment anymore.  Now, the kind of music that you listen to really determine your lifestyle.  it really influences the way you talk, dress, and the people you hang out with.  If you look at many high schools, you’ll see the different kids like the punks, the thugs, and the emos all together.

Androgynous Voice?

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Nick Pitera has the voice of a man… and a woman as well apparently.He can sing both the male and female part of Disney’s “A Whole New World,” with surpising accuracy and with beautiful execution.  His voice is amazingly adaptable to any situation, not to mention he must have so much control over his voice to be able to hit the high soprano voice of a woman, while being able to hit the low tenor of a man.

Re: Celebrity Obsession.

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We as a society are completely over obsessed with famous people. Its pretty sad that theres an entire industry that is based on people following around celebrities documenting their every move. We really need to get our heads out of our asses and get a life America.  This is a funny clip showcasing the other side of the story.

video game generation

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growing up on nintendo then super nintendo and so on, you would think that my generation would grow out of the whole “video game” phase.  now that you think about it, it seems as if the video games have grown up with us.  the video games these days seem to be more adult centered.  it doesn’t even seem like video games are for kids anymore.  the games that my boyfriend plays are violent games like call of duty or grand theft auto.  ugh, seriously, he needs to snap out of it!!!