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Madame Non

Posted in Powerful in Pink on December 16, 2008 by lusterrat


Sylvie Guillem is a dancer and performance artist that is famous for her tenacity to not conform to the rigid standards of the dance and art world.

Check out this beautiful video.

Sylvie Guillem – Two (2005)
Uploaded by Persane

She has earned herself the title of “Madame Non” because of her reputation in France and world-wide for not participating in the political semantics of the art world. Often dancers are locked into contracts that limit them from performing with other companies and artists, and they don’t have a choice in the repertoire they perform.

In the dance world especially, saying no to the stipulations of a powerful company means sacrificing stardom and gaining infamy for being difficult to work with.

Yet she thrives. The video in this post was filmed six months ago and Ms. Guillem is 43 years old in it. She is experiencing the peak of an illustrious career at an age unheard of in dance. She continues to expand her artistic range and influence, in no small part due to her unwillingness to comply with the demands of company owners and artistic directors.


Jenny Holzer

Posted in Powerful in Pink on December 16, 2008 by lusterrat


Jenny Holzer is a conceptual artist that blasts huge light projections onto public space at night.

Her work is always in the form of text and documents.

Her work is a distillation of deep human emotion and moral crisis into just a few words at a time and then usually plastered onto a large building or structure.

Dude Looks Like A Lady?

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According to the BBC and the (Manchester) Guardian, the show, entitled either Find Me a Man or There’s Something About Miriam, featured six men, who were given a lineup of beautiful women and asked to pick the one that they found most attractive. All of them selected a South American beauty named Miriam (pictured above). Then, in typical reality dating show fashion, they competed to win her affections.

However, unknown to the men, Miriam wasn’t a woman. Instead, she was a preoperative transsexual — similar to Jaye Davidson in the 1994 movie The Crying Game. The show, produced by the Brighter Pictures subsidiary of Endemol, the huge Anglo-Dutch reality TV producer (Big Brother, Fear Factor), apparently was intended to be Endemol’s entry into the “reality-twist” genre that other reality producers have been mining, such as Stone Stanley’s The Joe Schmo Show, Rocket Science Laboratories’ Joe Millionaire, Doug Ross’ Boy Meets Boy, and all of the imitators up to the current NBC show Average Joe.

At the end of the show, when the men found out that the “gorgeous creature” Miriam wasn’t a gorgeous female, they went bonkers. One of the men, a Royal Marine, supposedly broke down crying from the “humiliation” when the deception was revealed … and, according to the articles, some of the production crew sympathised with the men’s reaction and turned on Endemol and British network BSkyB, a sister network to Fox in the U.S., which was planning to air the show.

  • Would you be able to tell she was a man?
  • Do you think the men were decieved?
  • How would you feel if  it was you who got played?

Its funny nowadays how you never know what type of women you really are going to meet. Do you think these men had the right to sue the Show they got played on?

Women In War

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Over the years, society has changed in terms of who can join the armed forces. Before, it used to be that men were the ones who actually saw the battle, while women dealt with the aftermath via helping the injured. Nowadays, women are allowed to be in the armed forces in terms of them being in battle. However, you don’t see or hear of that many women who actually went to war, i.e. the current Iraq war. It seems like we’re still a little stuck in the past.

Kirby – The Pink Avatar flies.

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Everyone knows or heard of the game star, Kirby.  

The main character of a set of games released by Nintendo, first game appearing in 1993, Kirby is one of those stars that attract the attention of kids and adults alike.  Not as popular as Mario, Kirby still has had a bundle of games that majority were huge successes.  

Here is a small video showing how Kirby is represented and used human life.  Pay attention the what the sign says at 0:30 =D

We all know we want to be like that…

Get M.A.D.D.

Posted in Mother Knows Best, Powerful in Pink on December 10, 2008 by rockstareina
Have you seen M.A.D.D. ads before?
It's time to face the brutal truth about underage drinking....



I’m sure all of us who have rode the bus, driven on a highway, or even walked along a street have seen advertisements made by Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers/Driving. M.A.D.D. has become the leading non-profit organization that fights against drunk driving, underage drinking, and victim’s rights. Throughout the years, M.A.D.D. has helped numerous victims of drunk driving and their families cope with emotional, legal, medical and financial ramifications, they also helped in crafting better laws to eliminate drunk drivers. However, M.A.D.D. is most known for developing many awareness campaigns so that drunk driving could be prevented. Through their campaigning, M.A.D.D. has become involved in many communities through schools and colleges. Their ad’s has become very apparent to many of us, not only through their “red” ribbon, but through their ads, whether it was a commercial, an ad on the bus, a sign on the rode, or a smashed car on the side of the rode. No matter how they tried to inform us, it was effective.

*Easy Mission*
Submit a picture/image that you think could be used as a M.A.D.D. advertisement. Things to think about…Do you want to use fear as an appeal? Do you want to affect someones emotions, make them feel sympathetic to the image? How is the image going to affect the person.

female artist

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Margaret Kilgallen says she’s glad she could make girls feel free and empowered to create art. she appreciates imperfection as being beautiful. she died at such an early age of 33 from breast cancer, but her art still survives as a tribute to creativity and effort. even though she received much acclaim and wide approval from the art world, and had successful commissioned gallery exhibitions, she was truly a graffiti artist. she continued tagging street walls and freight trains under her tag name ‘meta’.
she was a mother (died three weeks after giving birth), a wife (to graffiti artist barry mcgee ‘twist’), artist, surfer, banjo player, tagger, librarian, bookbinder, biker,,,a woman, a beautiful loser


have you heard about margaret kilgallen before? if not, are you surprised you didn’t know about such a talented female artist? how many female artists can you think of at the top of your head?..
alot of people seem to have a difficult time naming famous female artists…