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Re Video Game Society

Posted in Mother Knows Best, music, Virtuality on December 20, 2008 by jahcritique

Kids these days are getting too much stimulation from computer and television screens. Nothing is real anymore, kids live in a completely virtual world, separated from reality.


Not Anymore They Dont.

Posted in Mother Knows Best, Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 by jahcritique

Having a baby these days is just another commodity like getting some expensive puppy or a  nice Gucci bag. Moms these days dont have a clue. The majority of them get pregnant before getting married, they refuse so sacrifice their own time so they continue to party and socialize, bringing their babies along for the ride in their designer strollers kids with Armani diapers and sunglasses. Its not wonder kids these days are growing up completely arrogant and without morals. They had no choice, if you cant look to your mother for advice and guidance then shit i’m sorry to say but your kinda fucked. Its a ripple effect, not always the case, some kids are smart enough to realize that their parents are idiots but not usually the case, stupid mothers raise stupid children who in turn have children of their own(usually at a young age) who in turn have even stupider children. Thats not good is it. Its cool to be a bad mom lets pick on Britney Spears again cuz she makes it too easy>  this guys a turkey but helps prove my point.

Re: Innocence Gone

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Kid these days just have too much information at their finger tips. The internet and even television giving kids access to way to much information. Certain information is dangerous in the wrong persons hands. They don’t have the knowledge or experience to interpret the the information correctly. They see adults having sex and loving it but dont realize what the ramifications are. Television in general is address a much more mature audience than it did when I was growing up. Sure we live in different times but that doesnt make it right. Its sad to see these kids lose their innocence at such a young age but I dont see it getting any better any time soon,


Posted in Mother Knows Best, Survey of Action and Ideology on December 19, 2008 by elikapeka


Don’t get me wrong, I love youtube.  But I can’t get past the fact that what a lot of people do on there is wrong.  Youtube is a wonderful place that anyone can go to and get some version of almost any type of media.  Want to hear a song, go to youtube.  Want to see a TV show, go to youtube.  Heck, if you want to watch a movie you can go to youtube.  95% of the time I find exactly what I want on youtube.  Just today I watched an hour and a half documentary called “Super High Me” on youtube.  The thing is, those people who make those pieces of media are not getting royalties for the thousands of viewings that happen on youtube.  Just because almost every person in America either post or browses on youtube doesn’t make it right.  What do you think should be done?  Do you think that youtube should get in trouble for what it has become?  I don’t know what I would personally do without youtube.

Do Some Mothers Really Know Best?

Posted in Mother Knows Best on December 18, 2008 by lekaina

It seems these days that mothers are now partying harder than their daughters are. For example Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina Lohan. What kind of message do you think this relays to a daughter when you see your mom coming out with you to clubs and partying with you and your friends. Do you think that this is part of the reason that Lindsay was going off in the wild end for a little while because she had no real parental that she could really look to for a good example of how she should act. Other mothers such as Pamela Anderson sometimes seems like she would be a good mom but the clothes that she wears just seem to show excessive amount of skin for her age and as a mother. Another mother that is acting way to young for her age is Brooke Hogans mother. It is one thing to be dating a younger guy but to date one of your daughters classmates just seems to much. How would it be for her daughter to have to see her classmate and her mother kissing? Lastly, Miss Britney Spears has made quite a few public acts that make you wonder is she really ready to be a mom? I have no doubt that all these mothers love their children, but then shouldn’t the mothers be putting out better examples for their children to follow. Then if this is the case should we then be putting more of the blame on the mothers if their children start acting out because maybe if they had set better examples they would not be the way that they are.

Celebrities are regular human beings but they do influence many people in the world. Therefore, are these celebrity moms starting to influence other moms out there? In a episode of MTV True Life it was talking about embarrassing parents and one of the parents was in her late 30s early 40s and she acted like she was still in college. Wearing outfits like Pamela Anderson and dancing with her daughters friends, who where at the time only 14 years old. What kind of message is this?

The lady on the left is the mother of the 14 year old girl from True Life.

The lady on the left is the mother of the 14 year old girl from True Life.

Lindsay looks drunk and her mom is ready to party.  What kind of prenting is this?

Lindsay looks drunk and her mom is ready to party. What kind of prenting is this?

It does not matter what your body looks like a mother should never dress this way.

It does not matter what your body looks like a mother should never dress this way.

This is Brooke Hogans mother with her with her boyfriend and Brooks school classmate.

This is Brooke Hogans mother with her with her boyfriend and Brooks school classmate.

Super High Me

Posted in Mother Knows Best on December 14, 2008 by jeffrah

This first video is an anti-pot smoking ad that features a pot-smoking girl who has melted into the couch because of her excessive mariuana use.

This video is a clip from the documentary “Super High Me.”  In the clip, comedian Doug Benson makes a joke about the anti-pot smoking ad.

“Super High Me” is based on the same experimental methods as the documentary called “Supersize Me” (where a man eats McDonalds for a month straight).  In “Super High Me,” comedian Doug Benson smokes marijuana for a month straight and goes through different physical and mental tests before and after the month of marijuana use.  Here are the results:

  Not Using Using
SAT 980/1600 1030/1600
Psychic Ability 1/25 7/25
Sperm Count 21 Million/ML 33 Million/ML
Lung Capacity 92% 89%
Weight -2 lbs. +8 lbs.
Mini Mental Stats 27/29; 2/3 words 24/29; 3/3 words

 Its best to watch the entire documentary.  However, do any of these results surprise you? Or was it pretty much what you expected?

Get M.A.D.D.

Posted in Mother Knows Best, Powerful in Pink on December 10, 2008 by rockstareina
Have you seen M.A.D.D. ads before?
It's time to face the brutal truth about underage drinking....



I’m sure all of us who have rode the bus, driven on a highway, or even walked along a street have seen advertisements made by Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers/Driving. M.A.D.D. has become the leading non-profit organization that fights against drunk driving, underage drinking, and victim’s rights. Throughout the years, M.A.D.D. has helped numerous victims of drunk driving and their families cope with emotional, legal, medical and financial ramifications, they also helped in crafting better laws to eliminate drunk drivers. However, M.A.D.D. is most known for developing many awareness campaigns so that drunk driving could be prevented. Through their campaigning, M.A.D.D. has become involved in many communities through schools and colleges. Their ad’s has become very apparent to many of us, not only through their “red” ribbon, but through their ads, whether it was a commercial, an ad on the bus, a sign on the rode, or a smashed car on the side of the rode. No matter how they tried to inform us, it was effective.

*Easy Mission*
Submit a picture/image that you think could be used as a M.A.D.D. advertisement. Things to think about…Do you want to use fear as an appeal? Do you want to affect someones emotions, make them feel sympathetic to the image? How is the image going to affect the person.