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Asian Celebrities

Posted in Actuality, Fashion Forensics on December 20, 2008 by penlead

Someone posted a couple of Korean celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures.  Until reading that post I had no idea that so many Asian stars had gotten plastic surgery, although I don’t know why I was surprised.  Upon further investigation, I found a whole slew of Asian plastic surgery stars.  It seems like the majority of their celebrities are all fake in some way.  That’s pretty sad.  The thing that struck me as even more saddening in this one is that most of the people already look really good in their before pictures.


Old. Fashion

Posted in Fashion Forensics on December 20, 2008 by penlead

You never really think about it…old people and fashion.  What’s the new look for the elderly woman who just made 80?  What kind of brands do your grandparents like to wear?  I found this article very interesting.  Old generations getting into and promoting fashion.  This shows that the elderly are not restricted to the stereotypical behaviors that we usually associate with those in their older years.  However, are they just imitating the youthful models as they strut down the cat walk?  Or is it their cat walk to begin with, seeing as their generation have already walked over it years ago.

Project Runway

Posted in Fashion Forensics, Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 by horrorbot

MADtv’s Project Runway Skit

I think this show offers a pretty diverse cast- contestant, judges, and audience alike. Though, I do notice the same kind of contestants in the show as far as personality goes (the troublemaker, the villain, the outspoken one, etc).

DO YOU think this show perpetuates stereotypes in the fashion industry?

Being “One of a Kind”

Posted in Fashion Forensics on December 19, 2008 by barbamark

One thing about the women in my circle of friends is that they get conflicting at the sight of someone  wearing the same thing as them.  If one of them were to see something of theirs on another girl, they become very critical of how they’re wearing it.

I overheard on the television last night, “Who wore it better?”  Let’s analyzed this question a little deeper.  The reason for asking this question is to find out who appeals better overall in your eyes.  Let’s see, in order to answer this question, we then have to judge someone.  It doesn’t have to be scientific but we can factor in our own ideals in values into a decision like that.  Skin color, weight, and other physical features.  Then we would probably have to think about the personality of that person (because we all know we can’t say we just like someone based on their looks right?).  After all of this evaluation, then can we determine, “Who wore it better?”

I think it takes a lot to judge people you don’t know or if you know them, it takes a lot of considerations to see if you agree with their looks.  I’m trying to prove with this post that when we judge other in this manner, how much do we really think about a person before making a choice?  I think we all have bias and other thoughts.  How do we feel about the person for who isn’t the better dressed?

I think being one of a kind has first to do a lot with the judging others.

The few, the proud, the ones WITHOUT plastic surgery (mission accomplished)

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As most of us will agree, women are more conscious of their looks than men are and naturally have more incentive to change it. Many women use makeup daily, but the ones with the guts and (mostly) money take to the knife to get one (or multiple) parts of their body reconstructed by a process most of us call plastic surgery. Since the dawn of plastic surgery, its most noteworthy proprietor has been the actors and actresses of hollywood. It is not uncommon for these hollywood types to undergo a 6+ month hiatus from their career to undergo plastic surgery and its respective treatment. 

But, not all celebs go under the knife and assume the million dollar bill from Dr. 90210. Here we take a look at some noteworthy females of the entertainment industry that reportedly have not (at least yet) had their body touched by the means of plastic surgery.

Scarlett Johnasson

Scarlett Johansson frequently makes the lists of “Top 10 beautiful women” and is therefore naturally the target of speculation of whether she went under the knife. Common targets of speculators are her breasts and nose. Most experts are quick to turn on the plastic surgery indicator whenever a hot celeb hits the scene, but some experts disagree with this point saying that structure of her body parts in question are atypical of those that have undergone plastic surgery. She did, however, state that she is open to the possibility of plastic surgery in the future. My verdict is that she is all-naturale, as indicated by this article.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is another top beauty (at least thats what americans think). She has vowed to never have plastic surgery, and that can be backed up by this picture.

I'm sure they're not as small as they look.

Sheryl Crow

Rockstar Sheryl Crow has had a long battle with breast cancer, and while she has had operations on her breats to remove the tumor, she has not had any plastic surgery work done one them. This is very evident in most pictures of her.

Can you find the pair of breasts in this picture? Neither could I.

Can you find the pair of breasts in this picture? Neither could I.

Even though this dirty blonde is pushing 47, her face radiates that of a thirty-year-old (except the crows feet). Despite all of this, she has claimed to have never gone under the knife, and has even gone as far as saying: ” I’m not a person that works out shamefully. I have good genes. My parents are thin, athletic-looking people.”

Jodie Foster

Everyone’s favorite space-time traveler cleared up all rumors of going under the knife in this interview. Experts even agree that her body shows all the normal aging signs and that no synthetic processes have been implicated.

This 46-year old sports her crows feet like a champion.

This 46-year old sports her crow's feet like a champion.

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More perfume commercials

Posted in Fashion Forensics on December 17, 2008 by elukefahr

Britney Spears is famous for the perfume commercials that don’t really have much to do with perfume except for the ending when the product is revealed.

Why don’t you see him often?

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How often do you see Asian male models on fashion advertisements?

Look at the images of ads:  (Click the image if the GIF is not working.)

  • The images are by UNIQLO, a japanese apparel brand, for their campaign in the US.
  • The man in the ad is Tadanobu Asano, a Japanese actor.
  • He is matched with a blond woman, Chloe Sevigny.
  • In the US, Uniqlo only has a store in Manhattan.

Level: Easy

  • Find three American fashion ads that include Asian men.
  • Analyze and explain your finding.
  • Paying particular attention to the way of representation and it’s relations to the intended audience.
  • Be sure to explain the model’s race/ethnicity.