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Penn and Teller are on a mission on showtime to try and reveal people their thoughts. It is a very heavily biased show, but a lot of the information on the show is really good stuff. There’s a lot of profanity in the show, so watching it isn’t for the morally strong at heart. The episode below is on the war on porn. Apparently there are people out there that want to outlaw porn because they feel that its one of the biggest public health issues out there. I previously didn’t know about this so you can get some good info out of this show. Penn and Teller have plenty of good ideas and thoughts to share with the public, just let some be weary. The episode is censored visually at some parts so those who are against watching porn should be able to view the video.


We’re all To Blame, well at least some of us.

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Its not a childs fault or choice for that matter to have to grow up in a terrible environment. This shit is scary and the fact that people are actually taking the time to film, edit and post this shit fucken infuriating, makes me wanna strangle some one. Its not the kids fault if hes got idiot assholes for guardians. Children are like a sponge, they absorb everything around them, it makes them who they are. They dont even give the kids a chance to grow up and decide for themselves. Some people think its just harmless fun but it taking its toll on our society. Shit    wow

Learn from this:

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Now I know some people are going to think this is mean but the family actually created a site for our viewing pleasure. It is good to see that people can still make the best out of a bad situation.

With the F-WORD we should really watch our mouths, and the things we say because many people think they can tell a lot about a person by the thing they say.

Its always good to replace the f -word, with something else like fuckcrying out loud, or fuka me fuka you, or my Favorite: BOB SAGET

Now do you think that this could be considered Creative or just exploitation of a person who is handicapped

How much does the media affect society?

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In today’s society it seems as if swear words have been the normal thing.  As little as five years ago swear words used to be looked at as taboo.  Only men were the ones that were using swear words and it would make a women look bad if she ever swore in front of someone and when it came to children it was strictly wrong.  Swear words in public were just wrong, but now it just seems like it is normal.  People swearing are just not looked down upon anymore.  In today’s media it seems almost as if they are encouraging swearing especially the songs that are popular today.  Many of the songs are constant swearing and talking down about women, about how women are almost like objects.  What kind of message is this sending to children and younger kids?  It does seem like rap artist are a big influence on the younger generation it seems as if younger and younger kids are dressing more “gangster” and swearing more.  I was in the mall and I heard a boy that seemed about 12 years old talking about how he just wanted to fuck this girl and using very fowl language.  To what point should society start getting worried about how the media is influencing the younger generation and when is it too much.  

Here is a link to lyrics of 808 Hoes.  The ***** stands for bitch.  What do you think of this song?

AVA = World Peace

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Skip to the middle when the lights kick on.

I just went to the Pipeline Cafe three nights ago for the “Angles and Airwaves” concert.

I was very skeptical and I wouldn’t have gone if my friend from out of town hadn’t requested that we go and then bought me a ticket.

Seeing as how it’s the dude from Blink-182, I was expecting a younger crowd and after being almost crushed to death at a B-182 concert in ’98, I had my doubts.

But I have to say, it was not what I expected. In between dropping the F-bomb and talking about exploiting women sexually, AVA talks about positivity and how it’s place in music and media can change how people feel and act.

Their point was supported by the fact, that despite the huge crowd that rushed the stage, no one seemed to be aggressive and everyone was looking out for each other.

For example:
1. A crowd surfer kicked me in the back of the head and said sorry as he passed by and then the girl next to me asked if I was ok and she helped me get my jacket off the ground.

2. I was in the front-center and got separated from my boyfriend. When I looked back to find him, a few random people noticed and they let him through to get to me in the front. This was crazy considering the fact that everyone was trying so hard to get to the front of the stage.

3. The bouncers were very curtious and gently helping the crowd surfers down front stage and moving them in an orderly fashion without bad vibes.

4. Nobody that I know of got punched or elbowed or even verbally harassed. This is unheard of at a rock show.

Then I joined in with all the helpfulness and consideration. A girl next to me started panicking because she was getting crushed and she said that she had to get out now. So a few of us told the bouncer in the front of the stage and then I picked her up and helped her get to the bouncer who lifted her out. Then the bouncer helped me get my hand unstuck from the tangle of arms in the crowd.

Positivity gets a rap for being boring and lacking energy, but to my disbelief, the show was fun and the music was good. Everyone was lifting their hands to the singer in a very bible revival-ish kind of way which always creeps me out a little, but that was it really. Otherwise, good show, good music – what a rock show should be.

Still, nobody knows how AVA stands for Angels and Airwaves.

Mike Tyson quotes

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Here is a compilation of interviews with Mike Tyson. He says some of the most ridiculous things ever.

American Folklore

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He’ll save children, but not the British children.