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Free Porn

Posted in Free Porn, ULTIMATE on January 10, 2009 by compfixr

Anything free usually comes at the cost of someone else. Even if you were given something, for example a present, it most likely came at the expense of the person who gave it to you. As far as pornography goes, I do not agree that it is ethical or morally right to make or produce it, but that is not the question. The question is whether or not it is ethically and morally right to get it for free. 

If a man or woman wishes to share images or videos of their body with YOU that is one thing. If you decided to take them and put them on the internet for everyone to see without consent from that person, I believe that you have just stolen something from that person, and once posted on the internet it is often impossible to get back. Those images or videos will be shared by other people, who will share them with other people, who will share them with other people, etc… Pretty soon a lot of pornography viewers have seen that person in a light they they had not wished so many people to see, and if ever seen in person will be pictured as an object with no clothes on rather than what they really are, a human being.

As far as the industry goes, although I may not agree with what they are doing, this is America and those people have the freedom to do with themselves as they wish as long as they are of age, not breaking any laws, and not endangering any other people. If it is a job, they are trying to make money off of it and should get paid the fee that they had requested before having agreed to make or produce any pornographic material. If this material is posted, for example on the internet for sale, there are usually terms and conditions you must agree to adhere to before finalizing your order. Often times when buying film or other media you must agree to not redistribute it in any way whatsoever. If that was the case when you bought your pornographic material, if you choose to view it yourself, fine. If you take that material and post it on the internet for everyone to view without paying a dime, then you have broken the agreement between you and the company or person you bought it from and should suffer the consequences.

Most things, as stated before, are not free in this world, even pornographic material for the most part. Everything comes at a cost that must be paid otherwise you may eventually suffer the consequences of your actions.


Re Video Game Society

Posted in Mother Knows Best, music, Virtuality on December 20, 2008 by jahcritique

Kids these days are getting too much stimulation from computer and television screens. Nothing is real anymore, kids live in a completely virtual world, separated from reality.

Androgynous Voice?

Posted in Gendered Packages on December 20, 2008 by lekaina

Nick Pitera has the voice of a man… and a woman as well apparently.He can sing both the male and female part of Disney’s “A Whole New World,” with surpising accuracy and with beautiful execution.  His voice is amazingly adaptable to any situation, not to mention he must have so much control over his voice to be able to hit the high soprano voice of a woman, while being able to hit the low tenor of a man.

Re: Celebrity Obsession.

Posted in Actuality, Survey of Action and Ideology, You Call Yourself An Artist! on December 20, 2008 by jahcritique

We as a society are completely over obsessed with famous people. Its pretty sad that theres an entire industry that is based on people following around celebrities documenting their every move. We really need to get our heads out of our asses and get a life America.  This is a funny clip showcasing the other side of the story.

The Union

Posted in ULTIMATE on December 20, 2008 by slamdunkthis

I just recently watched a movie called The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. It’s one of those movies in lieu to Zeitgeist. Except its based on marijuana. There’s actually a lot of really interesting information in this documentary. It made me question our laws and our power to change them. The people rarely have any power to change laws unless there is a massive MASSIVE movement. It eventually stops questioning the laws and just goes into how “the business behind getting high” works. It’s still an interesting movie that could change some people’s mind on marijuana. It opened my mind on a lot of things.

It’s slit up into eleven parts so it’s kind of long

re: God Fathers of Art…What is originality?

Posted in You Call Yourself An Artist! on December 20, 2008 by herewithnoone

Her are 8 songs that do not conflict with the same message. Plus, they are all by southern rap artists.

The first one is Chamillionaire’s Internet Nerd Revenge. Its about a hater hating on chamillionaire.

The second one is Runaway Love by Ludacris Feat. Mary J Blige. This song is abut three young girls who decide to run away from their problems at home.

The third song is Grandma by Mike Jones. If you havent guessed, its about his grandma and how she supported his musical career.

This next one is called My President by Young Jeezy Feat. NaS. This song is about his president.

The next song is by UGK and it is called Quit Hatin The South. It is pretty much telling people to quit hating the south because of all the recent comments that have been given on how southern hip-hop is ruining everything.

The next song is My Own Way by Three 6 Mafia Feat. Good Charlotte. the song is about doing things their own way if you havent guessed.

The next song is called My Life Your Entertainment by T.I. Feat. Usher. This song is basically about how T.I.’s life is everyone’s entertainment and whatever he does, his fans will be watching.

The last song is INDEPENDENT by Webbie Feat. Lil Boosie & Lil Phat. Its about a girl who is independent and doesnt need to really on a man for support.

weird plus messed up equals genius?

Posted in You Call Yourself An Artist! on December 20, 2008 by creee

this video is kind of messed up in more ways than one,  yet most the comments on youtube say things like “Richard James is an artistic genius.”  is it genius? i think they should have left some parts out.