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Domo arigato Mr.Roboto

Posted in "TRUE" purpose of computing on December 20, 2008 by fngrnailtree

The world is changing at a rapid rate.  we soon will save more lives than will die, and natural selection will become a thing of the past.  People will no longer struggle with amputations soon enough and life may just vary well become living in the brain and letting robotics do the rest.  Einstein once said that “if we could use our who brain we wouldn’t need bodies” but that time may come long before we develop higher brain functions.  The latest in robotic science is now mathematically taking neurons from the brain and reading where and at what rate they’re firing, then getting and interpretation of that through the robotic movements.  What i’m basically saying is, the way you tell your arm to move is the same way an amputee will tell his/her robotic arm to move.  This is where science is breaking barriers and helping those who indeed need it.  We are helping people simulate living again to its fullest potential. I have a question though, “if someone is born without limbs will the brain know how to fire off those elections correctly so the robotic arm or leg will move?”  


When words kill…

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So I happen to read an article about a month or two ago regarding South Korean Netizens driving celebrities to commit suicide.

Here’s the article:

One of my favorite Korean celebrity suicided by the name of Choi Jin Shil and it was concluded that she did so due to netizens driving her off the wall.

What’s wrong with the picture here?

Its so sad to find how crazy those South Korean Netizens are. At one time, a story about a girl killing herself because a boyfriend left her spread throughout the internet.

The netizens formed groups and tracked down the boyfriend and made petitions to make him lose his job and constantly being stalked.

What’s going on? Is this a new crime that is going to rise in South Korea?

Apparently it is. Let’s just hope that it would stop soon.

Lars Ulrich And filesharing

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Lars Ulrich, better known as one of the leaders and the drummer for Metallica, was always very vocal about his stance on filesharing. As a musician and entrepreneur, he naturally disliked the idea of people scoring his tracks online for free while he didn’t make a dime. Lars took part in an interview a while ago (early ’90s) when their concern was teenagers recording their concers onto cassettes with boomboxes. He even jokes about these kids gaining a big share of the music market.

Unfortunately for him, what he predicted became true in the form of Napster. After he got word that his music was being given away for free via Napster, Lars went on a spree, making T.V. ads and doing many interviews where he loved to voice his anti-filesharing opinion. Napster was eventually taken down because of Zealots like him, but as we all saw, when one fell, ten more rose from its ashes in the form of Kazaa, WinMX, Limewire, etc. Today, the battle is not over, but things still look really good for filesharers (ie. its just as easy to do it today as it was before). And as for Lars from Metallica, he stopped his campaign and tries to make his money from live shows, posters and action figures.

One thing is for sure, anytime a new Metallica album comes out, it quickly becomes one of the most downloaded files in the bootleg music download category.

Facebook: The Big Brother of our generation?

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This article reminded me of the short film we viewed in class about google combining with amazon’s services to personally recommend items to you to create that all powerful search engine in the near future…

Basically, facebook is looking to connect with other sites such as the Discovery Channel website, Hulu, various newspaper sites, etc….and it’ll keep track of all the actions you commit on these sites, how often you visit them, etc. This information can lead to more social networking and sharing…for instance, a notification will pop up that your friend is currently watching some video on Then perhaps you can also go and view this video. Another feature is that by tracking the sites you visit, the system will generate personal advertisements for you. This pleases the advertising companies, which pleases facebook because they get money for helping out. The only thing blocking facebook’s path from doing this are privacy laws…and these laws seem to be hanging on a rusty hinge. Will facebook be strong enough to overthrow privacy laws based on basic constitutional rights? Who knows.

What do you think about this? Do you think Facebook Connect is a good idea? Do you even care?