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re: victoria secret fashion show; random commercials

Posted in Actuality, Free Porn, Sampling on December 20, 2008 by herewithnoone

One of my favorite commercials but i had no idea what they were selling until i searched up what instant kiwi was

Random Fedex commercial I found on youtube. shows them playing around at work.

This next commercial is advertising a beer called Woodpecker yet the only birds in this commercial are ducks…?

This is also a pretty funny commercial, this one has some connection to what they are trying to sell, but it also uses a pretty woman kissing a random guy.


Making World of Warcraft more exciting than it really is

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The new expansion for World of Warcraft is out and with it a whole new slew of advertisments targeting new crowds to the game. As in the case of most video game advertisments, they often feature non-game footage, and/or cinematics that that are uncharacteristic of the game itself. Do you think that it is allright for video game companies to make their product appear to be something that it isn’t? this doesn’t happen only in the game industry. It happens in every industry, from food service to gambling.

This video advertisment for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King features a cinematic video that doesn’t give any indication to how the actual game is itself. It just gets the watcher pumped up on an “epic” storyline that is seldom exhibited in the game.

Music that makes you go, “hey i’ve heard that before”

Posted in Sampling on December 20, 2008 by fngrnailtree

I think it’s great when you hear samples of old songs in new and modern day music.  It’s not just a really a tribute to classic music but a sick way of getting people to automatically connect with your song as well as offer a different perspective on what the song could be.  There’s many jams these days that have used cuts, chorus’, licks, verses, etc. but i think the most notorious for doing so would be hip hop.  Hip hop from what i understand started with cuts and breaks.  Using the turntables to catch the break on beat and then loop it making a continuous sound of only what the people wanted to hear. and from these breaks you got the “breakers” those who would dance to the music and express themselves while the DJ worked his/her magic on the tables.  After that i’m sure Rapping followed like Jamaican Toasting where the MC and the DJ went hand in hand making music that was either off the head or written to the music that was sampled and dubbed over.  It’s an art form in itself, like collaging cuts and pieces to make a beautiful work of art.  Here’s a couple of songs that have cuts and samples i’m sure you’ve heard before.

Notorious BIG- Big Poppa

and the sample is from Isley Brother’s between the sheets

Mariah Carey- Fantasy

and the sample is from The Tom Tom Club’s Genius of love

Trick Daddy- sugar

and the sample came from the tom tom club’s other band The Talking Head’s Sugar on my tongue…. not the video just someone dancing to it though

LL Cool J’s Around the Way Girl

and the sample is from the Mary Jane Girls, All night long

Where’s The Diversity

Posted in Actuality, Forensics, images, Sampling on December 19, 2008 by prarec

I came across this image and I thought it was quite interesting. Noticed how it says celebrate diversity…and when you look at the images…you get the idea? I don’t know about you…but I don’t see the diversity.
If that is diversity, then what is this…

Big Smoothablitity, Giant Itchibility, Massive Caressibilty. We must be talking about shaving cream right?

Posted in Free Porn, Gendered Packages, Sampling on December 19, 2008 by hawaii808

They did it again using references to the male genitailia in order to sell their new shaving gell.

Do you want BIG Smoothability, GIANT Itchability, MASSIVE Caressibilty get this product.

Edge Shave Gell

Edge Shave Gell

But Check out the Commercial:

This may also imply for the men out there if it aint BIG, ENORMOUS, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC, go Home. Do you think this can cause women to be viewed in a negative way, (only looking for men with BIG quality?)

Children and Hip-hopping

Posted in music, Sampling on December 19, 2008 by barbamark

As the Internet transforms itself into a colossal piece data information, the possibilities of manipulating this data is also at growth.  If you have ever gone on YouTube and went searching for a specific piece of footage from a music video or television show, you probably find it.  However, you will probably find it with ten other matching videos with the same title.  You might think to yourself, “I could just pick any one of these and it’ll be what I expect.”  So you click on the link that says “Crank That by Soulja Boy” and end up amazed because what you see isn’t what you get.  Instead you get a compilation of cartoon clips that seem to mock the original song.

This type of dubbing has been a pretty old technology.  But I have noticed there has been a trend with hip-hop and children’s cartoons.  Here we have two genre’s that are on entire opposites of the world.  Children shows are educational, cherry, and positive.  On the flip side we have hip-hop, who is synonymous with sex, drugs, and money.  The hybrid of the two is really comedic to me.

Why do you think people associate these two genres together?

— I think that the association they make between the two is suppose to be absurd.  We see many conflicts between morals and values.  It also fuses the rawness of the adult world with the innocence of a child’s world.

Do you believe this entails more children to fall into this misrepresentation of their favorite shows?

–I do think that when they search for words like “Pooh”, videos like these are going to end up first on the list.  This will definitely mislead the children.

What does this say about the creative value of these videos?

–Creativity has to be controversial to be noticed today.  If it doesn’t spark any conflict, no one will notice.


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I came across this article in an Australian newspaper talking about an ad about drug abuse. Many people have deemed the advertisements to be too graphic. Here is one image, what do you think?ice