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Re Video Game Society

Posted in Mother Knows Best, music, Virtuality on December 20, 2008 by jahcritique

Kids these days are getting too much stimulation from computer and television screens. Nothing is real anymore, kids live in a completely virtual world, separated from reality.


Lars Ulrich And filesharing

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Lars Ulrich, better known as one of the leaders and the drummer for Metallica, was always very vocal about his stance on filesharing. As a musician and entrepreneur, he naturally disliked the idea of people scoring his tracks online for free while he didn’t make a dime. Lars took part in an interview a while ago (early ’90s) when their concern was teenagers recording their concers onto cassettes with boomboxes. He even jokes about these kids gaining a big share of the music market.

Unfortunately for him, what he predicted became true in the form of Napster. After he got word that his music was being given away for free via Napster, Lars went on a spree, making T.V. ads and doing many interviews where he loved to voice his anti-filesharing opinion. Napster was eventually taken down because of Zealots like him, but as we all saw, when one fell, ten more rose from its ashes in the form of Kazaa, WinMX, Limewire, etc. Today, the battle is not over, but things still look really good for filesharers (ie. its just as easy to do it today as it was before). And as for Lars from Metallica, he stopped his campaign and tries to make his money from live shows, posters and action figures.

One thing is for sure, anytime a new Metallica album comes out, it quickly becomes one of the most downloaded files in the bootleg music download category.

Garage Band

Posted in music, Uncategorized, You Call Yourself An Artist! on December 20, 2008 by jahcritique

With garage band and you tube anyone can be a musical sensation these days. I think its great, you no longer have to jump through hoops and have to meet the right people or any or that bullshit to get your music heard. If you have talent and you make good music, technology these days has offered us the chance to “broadcast” ourselves to world and leave in their hands as to whether or not your any good. At the same time the internet is also being over-saturated with garbage which seems to cloud out most of the good stuff.  There’s a lot of good music these days and it cool not having to listen to the same shit as everyone else. With the midi interface you don’t even need to know how to play an instrument. Is it taking away from the value of good music, making music “cheap” like sex has become.

From this to that

Posted in music on December 19, 2008 by fngrnailtree

It’s no lie that record companies have formulated music and took it to a level of factory reproduction.  Once someone does something interesting that is influential or breaking new ground the record companies are fast to jump on it using unknown arists and hoisting them up high with the hype to make it seem as if their music sounds better with a “big production.”  I’ve seen styles bitten forever but at some point one gets tired of seeing a less impressive reproduction all the time.  The cookie cutter outline given these days is less about art rather than what sells.  Even bands who were once known for making music that spoke of the times are now finding a gimmick that they can reproduce without much time nor effort.  Has artist integrity been compromised completely?  Is music today no longer about the quality of the record rather than selling the records?  Punk these days has gone from The Sex Pistols to Good Charolette?  what the fuck?  Alternative has gone from The Smashing Pumpkins to My Chemical Romance?  Gay.  HIp hop from Wu-Tang to Soulja Boy… sweet Jesus.  And some how we buy it as if we’re not getting a lesser quality for our money.  

Billy Corgan and his band the smashing pumpkins have totally been ripped off by the bullshit of My Chemical Romance, which it seems 15 year old girls are into but for steady listeners of alternative music the change is almost unbearable.  The influence isn’t even subtle…

and now for the lamer version…

Here’s the classic Sex Pistols, Icons of punk rock that have pioneered the way for many artists to follow such as RANCID, AGENT ORANGE, etc… oh yeah and not to mention the ultimate punk band… Good charolette (pure sarcasm) 

and now lets update punk…

Finally for Hip hop its understandable that the music has gone back to the club because that’s originally where it started but where did lyricism go?  straight out the window thats where.  Before rappers used whit and metaphor to get their point across and to tell a story of their time, now the only things that are said are what can be stuck in your head forever lick a goddamn tv jingle.  You cant turn on the radio without hearing crap… god modern music killed the radio… 

and now the direction of hip hop is…


Now i know that there are artist putting out good work these days but they’re not getting the recognition the once did nor the attention they deserve, and radio air time is reserved for those who aren’t necessarily good but rather who sells… and how does something so poor sell so much?  god its a vicious cycle of fecal matter… like watching shit get flushed down a toilet.

Children and Hip-hopping

Posted in music, Sampling on December 19, 2008 by barbamark

As the Internet transforms itself into a colossal piece data information, the possibilities of manipulating this data is also at growth.  If you have ever gone on YouTube and went searching for a specific piece of footage from a music video or television show, you probably find it.  However, you will probably find it with ten other matching videos with the same title.  You might think to yourself, “I could just pick any one of these and it’ll be what I expect.”  So you click on the link that says “Crank That by Soulja Boy” and end up amazed because what you see isn’t what you get.  Instead you get a compilation of cartoon clips that seem to mock the original song.

This type of dubbing has been a pretty old technology.  But I have noticed there has been a trend with hip-hop and children’s cartoons.  Here we have two genre’s that are on entire opposites of the world.  Children shows are educational, cherry, and positive.  On the flip side we have hip-hop, who is synonymous with sex, drugs, and money.  The hybrid of the two is really comedic to me.

Why do you think people associate these two genres together?

— I think that the association they make between the two is suppose to be absurd.  We see many conflicts between morals and values.  It also fuses the rawness of the adult world with the innocence of a child’s world.

Do you believe this entails more children to fall into this misrepresentation of their favorite shows?

–I do think that when they search for words like “Pooh”, videos like these are going to end up first on the list.  This will definitely mislead the children.

What does this say about the creative value of these videos?

–Creativity has to be controversial to be noticed today.  If it doesn’t spark any conflict, no one will notice.

White Culture?

Posted in Actuality, Chaos -> Regime, music, Plastic, Survey of Action and Ideology, You Call Yourself An Artist! on December 17, 2008 by jklarson

Is there such a thing as white culture?  Is it worth preserving?  Is white, cracker, honkey, ofay, cornbread, casper, redneck  synonymous with racist, duplictous greed?  Or is there something here worth standing up for?  Does standing up for white culture have to mean standing against all other cultures?  What is white culture anyway?  Is it Celtic, German, American, punk rock, country western, folk, or classical?

Some people have suggested that in order for white youth to fully recognize their stolen position of power, they must identify with aspects of their own culture which are autonomous from that invested hierarchy.  Can Punk Rock save us from ourselves?  Can Beethoven anchor these ancient slave ships to more innocent moorings?  Or are white folk irredeemably corrupt and tainted by our history?

Re: Freestyle challenger

Posted in music, You Call Yourself An Artist! on December 15, 2008 by japaneseperson

Lets diversify this challenge a little.

Here is Eyedea and Slug freestyling on The Wake Up Show.