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If Rubik only knew about technology

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I found this cool game online and it deals a lot with new cutting edge of electronic arts.  This glowing cube figure is called the Fentix cube and it was created by a research engineer named Andrew Fentem.  The Fentix cube shares its similaritiesto the original Rubik’s cube, with the rules and concepts remaining the same.  Some of the featured advances included in this cube starts off with the full colored cubic screen, the multi-touch screen elements, and the way it is programmed to create other multi-dimensional games, puzzles and cool lighting effects.  With the Flentix cube you won’t have to worry about peeling and replacing the stickers or getting stuck in between rotations of the cube.

With the advances of technology people are able to enjoy and embrace the endless possibilities and creations provided by electronic arts.  It has changed the world in so many ways, such as the improvements in media, the internet, phone technology (communications), etc.  Electronic research tends to keep building and it will gradually lead our world into many other new directions. The electronic game such as the Flentixcube has proven to give us that power to create the unthinkable.  The start of a revolution for future games to come.     



Already there is another windows coming out…..

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hopefully this windows will have a much better launch than the highly debated Vista (which i happen to like)…but i do agree that it had a pretty rocky launch and some really bad press associated with it.  There seems to be some pretty interesting new features coming, so i am crossing my fingers for breaking the regime of bad launches 🙂

The Absolute Boyfriend-How far will technology go?

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Looking at the previous posts about the advancement of CG and other digital technologies, the question of how far technology can/will go came to mind. Also, the discussion about self-awareness in computers such as in the video about Mr. Chips further reiterated the fascination people and cultures have with the idea of a “self-aware” computer that has the ability to feel and think as freely as humans do.

One example that showcases the fascination with robotics and technology people have is the popular manga and jdrama series, Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend). In the series, a woman is chosen to try out a test model of a company’s Lover Series Robot. As the series develops, the “robot” becomes self-aware, develops an ego, and feels emotions.

This series, as well as reading the following article also made me wonder if certain cultures are more open to the idea of accepting humanoid robots into mainstream society.

Click on the image below to see other humanoid robots:

A humanoid robot has her teeth checked by a dentist at Japans largest robot convention. The life-size dental training robot, dubbed Simroid for simulator humanoid, has realistic skin, eyes and a mouth that can be fitted with replica teeth that trainees practice drilling on. Simroid cries in pain when the drilling goes wrong. (David Guttenfelder)

"A humanoid robot has her teeth checked by a dentist at Japan's largest robot convention. The life-size dental training robot, dubbed "Simroid" for "simulator humanoid," has realistic skin, eyes and a mouth that can be fitted with replica teeth that trainees practice drilling on. "Simroid" cries in pain when the drilling goes wrong". (David Guttenfelder) Source:

Not your ordinary sketch board

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I found this video on the web and it explains about this computer program which allows you to draw figures on a board to create simulation projects and games. It is pretty interesting how technology and people are able to interact in creating such possibilities. 

Like how its mentioned in the video that if anything was drawn on a piece paper we as humans would be able to read and understand the actions of that drawing itself.  What the purpose of this demonstration is to try and have the computer comprehend the sketches and then carry out the functions of that drawing.  From the result of this video it proves that the computer is able to recognize those codes and commands, then simulates that certain objective. 

It is also mentioned that the on-line environment allows you do things that aren’t possible when you typically draw on a piece of paper.  This program gives you the advantage to correct your mistakes hands on and are given the option to remove or reorganize your drawings just by circling or adjusting it with the specialize command tools.  In my opinion its sort of the future of Photoshop, where people will able to create projects hands on without worrying about the restrictions or limitations that the mouse provides.  This will be just another example of how people and computers are able to communicate, which will give us the opportunities to interact in a more visual and physical experience.

Language and Computers

Posted in Mr. Chips vs. YOU, Self-Aware Computing on October 28, 2008 by dgalarza

This is an advertisement for Rosetta Stone, a computer program that allows you to learn any language in a quick period of time, is it for real?  Well according to Michael Phelps, an 8 time gold medalist in swimming, guarantees you’ll learn a language fast.  Despite thinking that learning a language is pretty complex and it requires you to interact with other speakers.  In my opinion,  I believe a computer can’t offer you the same benefits from a person who speaks fluent in that particular language.  So its seems pretty impossible to learn a language from a computer program and feel confident that you’ll understand the language entirely.  They state that its not a memorization type of learning system, but rather a system that allows your to learn naturally the way your brain is wired to comprehend.  What does that really mean?  Also there’s a voice recognition system built in, (why am I not surprise) a voice talks back to you when you mispronounce any words. 

Okay maybe I’m being a little to hard on Rosetta Stone, why not give this program a chance, some of its information sounds pretty legit, plus the worlds best swimmer Michael Phelps uses it to learn Chinese, so why can’t any other person learn a language in about 30 minutes or so. It’s a peace of cake right, you’ll learn a handful of words and feel accomplished right after.  You be the judge of that.   

Is the impossible… possible in our future?

Posted in Mr. Chips vs. YOU on October 8, 2008 by roxxygurl7

In the beginning of the semester, my mother asked me what was this class about, and I honestly told her, in quick response..i wonder what are my grandchildren and so on are going to see inhance in the future with computers. So far my parents have seen a huge difference in computers since they were my age and they ponder the question too.

Now just a thought, the movie “I-Robot” just pops in my mind, where Will Smith talks to the robot and says your just a machine and so on… but then in reply the robot gives an answer of how he feels.. and yea i know its just a movie.. but what if? they can make these movies seem so real and so advanced but what can they do 20 to shit 50 years from now?

Like i said, just a thought…

Can the impossible.. be possible years from now?

Case File #EX201T3S2

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Patient # EX201T3S2

Pictured here are the results of a highly infectious yet unfamiliar techno-organic virus, nicknamed the ‘Phalanx’ (after the Marvel comics character of which it shares similar characteristics). The Phalanx virus is a relatively new type of virus which converts organic material into ‘living’ machinery. I say ‘living’ because while the infected appear to be self aware, all other traces of humanity are completely absent. Skin, hair, major organs etc. are all replaced by what can only be described as highly advanced technological replicas. In some cases highly damaged/non existent tissue have also been restored after infection. However, any benefits that could be gained from this are counteracted by the loss of free will (all infectees share a hive mind concentrated solely on further assimilation). Upon further research links between the infections of the virus and extensive use of the internet (blogs in particular) have been confirmed. It seems that the virus was created on the web and began as a simple computer virus, not unlike a trojan or worm. However, like an actual virus it began to mutate, becoming exponentially virulent with each passing hour. At some point it escaped the virtual world and attacked the actual world. Within moments of the outbreak 100 01 010 10 10 10 1 of the 10101 1 10 010 10 0010 1 10 10 110 infected. At the rate that it is growing, all trace of humanity will be wiped out in a matter of 101 11000 10101 01. God help me, for I have already begun to 101010 01010 0101 10 signs of infection. It is only a matter of 1010101011100101 before this 1001010111010101010101 becomes a jumbled mess of ones and zeros (as it seems that 1001 0 101 01 have eliminated all other forms of communication and only transmit 1000110101000010101010). We should 10010 10 1 0 1 warning signs. How could 10010101010101 have known? 10011 100 1 10 10 110 ourselves to blame 1001 10 101 10 1 00001100101000101010000000011111101001101010101000010101010110101011100001