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Are we getting tricked into buying shit?

Posted in Actuality, Forensics on December 20, 2008 by fngrnailtree


artists canned shit

artist's canned shit



What is art?  What makes a piece a work of art?  What makes art so expensive?  Why is it expensive because it’s by this artist?  Art has made us ask many questions over the years and one that’s interested me is “why is this piece so expensive? it looks like shit.”  And the answer is, because its a piece done by a particular artist with clout.  Because of the name of the creator the piece is worth more.  Basquiat was known to pay for cigarettes in doodles, Andy Warhol painted “brillo” boxes and sold them, and the funniest one to me is an artist by the name of Piero Manzoni who canned his own crap (30 grams of fecal matter in each can) and sold it for its weight in gold, entitling it “artist’s shit.”  Piero was known for challenging this idea by signing random things and attempting to sell it because his signature was on it.  He put an egg in a box with his thumbprint on it and it sold.  I see exhibits these days and art is less and less about the aesthetics, or at least art dealing is, rather than owning a piece of this “great mind.”  The ideas and boundaries these artist’s have pushed are amazing to think to me.  i wouldn’t say its the audacity that pops up it’s shock value but rather the fact that people like to deal in other peoples crap.  The same goes for music as well.  The song could be shit but if it’s featured by a well known hyped up artist than it has selling potential i.e. “i wanna make love right now” by Akon.  These songs aren’t even written by the artist’s themselves but instead a ghost writer who knows that the song needs a face to put on it.  I wonder are artist’s con-men?


Where’s The Diversity

Posted in Actuality, Forensics, images, Sampling on December 19, 2008 by prarec

I came across this image and I thought it was quite interesting. Noticed how it says celebrate diversity…and when you look at the images…you get the idea? I don’t know about you…but I don’t see the diversity.
If that is diversity, then what is this…

Deep thoughts, anyone?

Posted in Actuality, Forensics, Survey of Action and Ideology, ULTIMATE, Virtuality on December 19, 2008 by Kelli Koga

The blog began as an open question about culture, with general parameters and common discussion as a starting point.  Over the course of the semester, however, and as people started posting and people started looking at what other people were posting, it really developed a nature of its own.

Looking at the blog today, and over the course of the last few months, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed how predictable it’s become.  On a daily basis, there will almost invariably be a post about racism in advertising, a post about women being objectified, a post about something weird and Japanese, a paranoid post about the mind-controlling media, and some “dude, this is sooooo trippy/freaky/gross/unbelievable/hilarious” video.

Which prompts this question: What progress are we making?  If you consider our mission is to understand and reflect on culture, is this blog the depth of that understanding?  Is this feedback loop that we post to every day an indication that “understanding culture” has it’s own culture, too?  Or is culture simply smarter than us, even as we try to expose its operation?

Personally?  I think no one will respond because my post has no enticing picture.

Why don’t you see him often?

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How often do you see Asian male models on fashion advertisements?

Look at the images of ads:  (Click the image if the GIF is not working.)

  • The images are by UNIQLO, a japanese apparel brand, for their campaign in the US.
  • The man in the ad is Tadanobu Asano, a Japanese actor.
  • He is matched with a blond woman, Chloe Sevigny.
  • In the US, Uniqlo only has a store in Manhattan.

Level: Easy

  • Find three American fashion ads that include Asian men.
  • Analyze and explain your finding.
  • Paying particular attention to the way of representation and it’s relations to the intended audience.
  • Be sure to explain the model’s race/ethnicity.

Japanese Girlfriends

Posted in Fashion Forensics, Forensics with tags , , on December 16, 2008 by kevinlim1984
His shirt reads, “I want a Japanese girlfriend”

Japanese culture is popular in North America.  I don’t need to make this list but I will anyways: Sushi, Anim/Manga, Porn, Miike Takashi, Samurais, Ninjas, Teaching in English in Japan, J-Pop, etc. The list is exhaustive.

As a person with ties to Japan, I do find sometimes the obsession disconcerting.  I could go on and on as to what harm racial/ethnic fetishes may pose (i.e.: racially motivated rape) but I am limiting this post to the unease I feel particularly with this shirt.

Some questions I would like to ask this guy:

>>Why make this be known?
>>Is this something to be proud of?
>>Who are you intending it to be read by?
>>Are you hoping to ‘get’ a Japanese girlfriend by wearing this shirt?
>>Do you not think it could be offensive to some?

Merry” ” To You All

Posted in Actuality, Forensics with tags on December 13, 2008 by astrangerwithcandy

The semester is over, and it’s been one hell of a trip. The arguments, the introspection, the laughter-oh was there laughter. It’s been a pleasure working with you folks, who’ll I probably never meet in real life. Maybe we could’ve been friends, perhaps even lovers. Alas, I suppose this digital liaison will have to do. I leave you with this video; sure to induce nostalgia and confusion. I love you all*

*All who are not named alamoluck

The names Christmas…

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This is a parody of Quantum of Solace and Dumb And Dumber. I think it takes a lot of talent to put two films together and make a vid like this. You need to know both films in and out so you know where each film fits best together.

This is Robocop vs. Arnie vs. Predator

This is just hilarious. An army of Terminators vs and Army of Robocops in the end.