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Making World of Warcraft more exciting than it really is

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The new expansion for World of Warcraft is out and with it a whole new slew of advertisments targeting new crowds to the game. As in the case of most video game advertisments, they often feature non-game footage, and/or cinematics that that are uncharacteristic of the game itself. Do you think that it is allright for video game companies to make their product appear to be something that it isn’t? this doesn’t happen only in the game industry. It happens in every industry, from food service to gambling.

This video advertisment for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King features a cinematic video that doesn’t give any indication to how the actual game is itself. It just gets the watcher pumped up on an “epic” storyline that is seldom exhibited in the game.


Film Vs. Digital

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  What it seems to really come down to is money. Film is expensive, very expensive and so is the equipment used to record, develop and edit it. Nt to mention how easy the digital revolution has made it for amateur filmmakers to produce something that doesn’t look have bad. I think because its such an investment of both time and money when you shoot a movie on film that it forces everyone involved to take that much more care in making sure that everything is done right. Film looks so much better to me but maybe because thats what I was used to growing up. The digital revolution has caused the film industry to lose some of its integrity. Any turkey with a camcorder can make a movie these days. I think it sucks but who am I to say who and who shouldnt be making a movie. I personally feel that digital is sterile and cheap in comparison to movies shot with film. We are are moving away from art  and are settling for practicality and convenience.

My Bloody Valentine 3D

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Alright. I dont go see scary movies anymore because I was getting tired of the same thing over and over. So im  pretty excited to see if this movie will be different and better because of the 3D aspect.

Hard Core Harry Potter Fans

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So I just saw the latest Harry Potter movie (I know I’m kinda late) but frankly Im really sick of the movies because they are all the same. The format and the way the story develops in each movie is so exactly the same. So all you hard core Harry Potter Fans……WHY?????

The Human Footprint.

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This is a brilliant video that makes a fascinating observation of our entire life’s consumption. It is a bit lengthy but it is well worth your time. THIS IS A MUST WATCH.

The Protector

Posted in film on December 15, 2008 by japaneseperson

The Protector also known as Tom Yum Goong stars Muay Thai phenom Tony Jaa.  Whats impressive about this shot is its an action packed 4 minute long take, no cuts or edits. I really like Jaa’s raw style of kick ass in this movie. check it out if you haven’t already.

Writers rock

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So I was writing a paper about the 2007 screen writers strike and I came across this treasure of a video.  I love that strikers are taking control into their own hands in revolutionary ways.  No other group of workers has ever posted up videos on Youtube to express their reasons and conditions for striking.  And what is ironic about this particular strike is that the writers were striking about their not receiving residuals on work that is watched online.  So what do they do?  They post up work online.  By taking advantage of the same technology that had prompted the strike, writers were able to effectively express the accessibility of the Internet and the extent of its impact.  Too perfect 🙂

Go workers!!!