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White Culture?

Posted in Actuality, Chaos -> Regime, music, Plastic, Survey of Action and Ideology, You Call Yourself An Artist! on December 17, 2008 by jklarson

Is there such a thing as white culture?  Is it worth preserving?  Is white, cracker, honkey, ofay, cornbread, casper, redneck  synonymous with racist, duplictous greed?  Or is there something here worth standing up for?  Does standing up for white culture have to mean standing against all other cultures?  What is white culture anyway?  Is it Celtic, German, American, punk rock, country western, folk, or classical?

Some people have suggested that in order for white youth to fully recognize their stolen position of power, they must identify with aspects of their own culture which are autonomous from that invested hierarchy.  Can Punk Rock save us from ourselves?  Can Beethoven anchor these ancient slave ships to more innocent moorings?  Or are white folk irredeemably corrupt and tainted by our history?


Definition of racism…

Posted in Chaos -> Regime on December 3, 2008 by wuonthru

I was left speechless after watching this…. speechless.


Posted in Chaos -> Regime on December 1, 2008 by wuonthru

An employee at Walmart was trampled to death by customers when opening the store… disgusting.

Human Adobe Audition

Posted in Chaos -> Regime, Sampling on October 8, 2008 by fumanchu1

I found this video and thought it was similar to what we were doing with Audition.  It works with what we were talking about in class.  He gives us the individual samples in the beginning and we don’t know what is going on at first, but when he combines the two we see it as a whole.  It kind of works with the Chaos to Regime theme from class, or maybe not.  I just like the video.

Why is the U.S. Army preparing for martial law?

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Is this really happening?  Does this mean Bush might not be planning to relinquish his presidency?  What purpose could the military possibly have in this unprecedented move towards premeditated martial law?

Form and motif in Youtube political satire

Posted in Actuality, Chaos -> Regime, Emulation, film, Forensics, Simulation on September 21, 2008 by jklarson

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This clip created by is hysterically funny because it’s so frighteningly close a simulation to the Bush/Cheney culmination of the last 60 years of U.S. defense politics.  The repetition of line-items omitted as “classified” removes context from terrifying phrases such as “flesh-eating” and “our worst nightmares” so that the listenner is made to be terrified but unsure as to what he or she is terrified of.  Stylistically the satire is meant to appear real in every aspect.  The dry delivery, reflective of actual CSPAN coverage, is able to juxtapose in sharp contrast to the outrageous content which is being delivered.  The repetitious aspect reinforces the primary subtext, which is that government has invested interest in keeping people afraid and simultaneously ignorant of what they are made to be afraid of.

Can I Break It Down? Let It Be Broke…

Posted in Chaos -> Regime, Emulation, Forensics, Virtuality on September 11, 2008 by camouflageculture

Maybe we should take up a collection and buy a copy of this report…

World Outdoor Advertising Market

Amazing how $$$ is usually the sole obstacle to regular people gaining any kind of strategic advantage over their lives and those of their communities. Meanwhile, if you have the $$$ you can gain access to the global corporate agenda for visual communication and plan accordingly – or just be convinced that your company can gain a foothold if you buy into this highly structured set of conceptual maps describing the world.

Just peruse the table of contents and check out how finely-grained the techniques are for harvesting attention span.