Who Are They?

Why is it now a days more people are into bands that have not become mainstream yet and get really defensive when they start to become big.  My roommate is one of them she loves A Rocket To The Moon and gets all defensive if they are talked about on MTV or start to get air time on the radio.  Does anyone else feel this way? If so why? And what bands do feel in a sense is “yours”?



here is a song by A Rocket To the Moon called “Not a Second To Waste”


2 Responses to “Who Are They?”

  1. herewithnoone Says:

    Yea, it seems like people only like those bands and artists because they are indie/underground but the slightest mention on MTV makes them ‘tainted by evil’. Maybe because those people are worried their favorite band will change their sound in order to fit into the mainstream.
    I listened to Gym Class Heroes way before they made it into the mainstream but i still enjoy listening to their music and i dont really care that they’re on tv, in fact, im happy for them.

  2. maybe when they get on the MTVs they become super people who wouldn’t associate with us normal folk anymore. good question though. i get the same feeling too. I guess you dont wanna see some twelve year old girl listening to the same music as you and putting half naked pictures of your fav band on her trapper keeper

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