where’s the musical storytellers?

I miss music telling a story.  I miss there being an introduction, conflict or action, climax, and a resolution all in one song.  I miss having obscurity that leads your imagination on a wild ride with sound being the only vehicle and assistance to go by.  Everything these days is so straight forward and plain “i want you to take off your clothes.”  “you look like a sexy bitch and imma jump on it.”   Nothing much to the imagination there.  Where’s the poetic lines and key notes?  The vibrant color tones and dramatic pauses?  in these times i look to the greats and those who have taken the greats and flipped it.  I’ve found some strange music  that’s taken what seems like a mix between miles davis’ experimentation and classic up beat rock.  Even hip hop that tells stories is amazing!  I miss it all so i’ve come up with a few songs and bands that tell stories and express poetic expression rather well whether it be straight forward or not.

Miles Davis Bitches brew

The Arcade Fire- tunnels

broken social scene- cause = time

ice cube- today was a good day



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