What Can’t be Fixed?

The Show extreme make over premiered on abc back in the ending 2002. What this show did was find people that they thought  were ugly and could be surgically improved to become “pretty”. The whole 9 yards, from plastic surgery, fixing the teeth, and changing what they wear. When i first watched this show i was amazed to see the transformation. The operations did miracles on the women. I noticed that the biggest part this show focused on was the face, and what surgery could be done to enhance the features. For each woman they had worked on almost every aspect from their lips to their eyebrow structure. Having to implant pieces of plastic under the skin. I began to think what has this world come to? where you can have you face changed to meet your every wish. In the future this is only going to get cheaper, so how many people are not going to be part (plastic).

The video i choose was about a woman that felt she was to masculine to attract men, she going to tell how sad she is and how in order for her to feel good about her self see needs this makeover. This is a classic example of how this societies mind set has changed, and how it is affected by today media. she feels if you don’t have certain features you don’t feel like a woman……..wtf. In the future to come everyone will have some plastic in themselves.

Also this show showing what was possible with plastic surgery, they are expanding the market. This is like a long detail commercial about their services. I bet because of this show made many people in the US doubt their bodies and have they twick what they thought was wrong. This showed that anyone can have these operation not just the famous.


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