We’re all To Blame, well at least some of us.

Its not a childs fault or choice for that matter to have to grow up in a terrible environment. This shit is scary and the fact that people are actually taking the time to film, edit and post this shit fucken infuriating, makes me wanna strangle some one. Its not the kids fault if hes got idiot assholes for guardians. Children are like a sponge, they absorb everything around them, it makes them who they are. They dont even give the kids a chance to grow up and decide for themselves. Some people think its just harmless fun but it taking its toll on our society. Shit    wow


7 Responses to “We’re all To Blame, well at least some of us.”

  1. I agree that these pictures make the parents seem so irresponsible and that they were definitely not ready to have children. It is true that kids absorb things like a sponge and if parents are going to make there kids do these things then how do they really want there child to actually turn out? What kind of person are they as well? This actually disgusts me, especially the first video. Now and then you see a child pick a bad word but the parents usually corrects them and makes them understand that what they are saying is wrong. However, that first video was as if the parents were encouraging the boy to sat what he was saying and were actually proud of him.

  2. As lekaina have said, it is truly disappointing to watch these videos!
    Very disturbing… it makes you wonder how the parents were when they were young, or how they live their lives.

  3. I thought it was super funny until i saw the last one. What a bummer that was totally a mood killer.

  4. Making your child swear like that is just asking for trouble. When he starts going to school and swearing all over the place, he’ll probably be on suspension and probation a lot, thus conflicting with his academic learning. As he grows, his foul mouth might lead to fits in his face. He might say the wrong word to the wrong person, and who knows, a bullet through his head? And yeah, if he hadn’t been born to these careless parents, he wouldn’t have learned any of this. It’s truly sad.

  5. I just feel as if these parents would rather make try and make a joke out of there kids when they are kids, but when they grow up try and make them understand what is right from wrong and if they do that, that would be unbelievable. I would not be suprised if the child grew up and was a complete and utter horibble nightmare of a child and I would not blame the child in the least.

  6. The first video is really bad they should no one shoukd be swearing like that but some people do. But that kid was horrible, i dont know if its the parents or just the he is hanging out with but they need to teach that kid some manners before he grows up and talkes like that aorund strangers and never get into a realationship. For the seconf one i dont think those were aactually reall i just think those were for the pictures and jokes. May be a parent may allow cursing but those things were just crueal and un-human like.

  7. I agree with hawaii808 it wasn’t just the swearing that was horrible it was also the fact that the little kid was hitting people and completely being this cruel person. The swearing just added to it but this kid really does seem like he is going to grow up and be one of those kids that the parents are going to have to watch because he is going to get into a lot of trouble and it will be all his parents fault.

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