The Union

I just recently watched a movie called The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. It’s one of those movies in lieu to Zeitgeist. Except its based on marijuana. There’s actually a lot of really interesting information in this documentary. It made me question our laws and our power to change them. The people rarely have any power to change laws unless there is a massive MASSIVE movement. It eventually stops questioning the laws and just goes into how “the business behind getting high” works. It’s still an interesting movie that could change some people’s mind on marijuana. It opened my mind on a lot of things.

It’s slit up into eleven parts so it’s kind of long


3 Responses to “The Union”

  1. jahcritique Says:

    Legalize it.

  2. I think that I guess they’re better than cigarettes.

  3. Are you kidding me…. u GUESS there better than cigarettes!
    you don’t hear of people dropping dead like flies because of marijuana do you! you obviously have not tried marijuana or if you have it must have been some really shitty stuff.

    I must say what they did to the monkey’s is SICK DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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