the cubist painters got it.


picassos woman playing mandolin

picasso's woman playing mandolin



Dame Rebecca West summed the dominant mood of our time as “a desperate search for a pattern”. There are many beliefs concerning the mood of our time, and no one pattern. Pattern essentially refers to “meaning”. When trying to make sense of things, people tend to identify patterns. Ex: in scientific studies tests are made so that they can be replicated to ensure accuracy- thus in the pattern, there is meaning. Not only are there many beliefs, but people also sense a need to choose between them. There is also the belief that there is no meaning.

Nowadays nothing is “given” except the ability to question and observe. Thinking about it can be uncomforting to some, since individuals view the world in their own set way and are not open to discussion or contemplation. Often the most productive views are those that encompass all sides. With a whole new evolution of technology, the way we think as a society has changed greatly. The twentieth century brought on an explosion of information: Contemporary historians and archaeologists collapsed time while Ethnographers and anthropologists compressed space. The dissolution of form is one of the defining qualities of our time.

The point of this is not to choose between single worldwide belief and pattern but rather to recognize and view all other perspectives at once. The absence of an agreed upon worldview suggests that the pattern we seek is in fact patterns. Cubist painters were among the first to recognize the error in a single point of view.




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