Sexy, Objectification, and Straight up Dirty

Well I thought hip hop was bad with the drenching of women with expensive alcohol but techno, house music has stolen the cake with proabably the raunchiest music video I have ever seen. It has it all Sex, Dirty Sex, Objectification of women. This is the closest thing I have seen to porn in my life. Check it out and tell me what you think.


4 Responses to “Sexy, Objectification, and Straight up Dirty”

  1. This is disgusting and makes women look terrible. What women would allow themselves to degard themselves to such a level?

  2. I could never figure out why most of the house videos look like this. Whats interesting is that a lot of DJs aren’t very cool looking. Personally I think that the better one are those who spend most of their time in their room, practicing. Maybe they are just making up for something.

  3. you should make a video like this but with men instead. i dont think the people in the video think its degrading i think they are possibly happy that they can get some cash by making sexy dance that stupid guys will pay to see. sometimes i wish i could make sexy dance its like owning a money tree. sad but true

  4. yeah sex sells

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