re: women in sports

This is the first picture when typing “male athletes” in google.

And this is the first image when typing” female athletes”

both try to show that athletes are sexy people. the next tow images show basically the same thing, except one shows a male and the other shows a female.

both show two people doing the same thing, hitting the ball with their chest. The female version is some kind of photo shoot or something but even if the male soccer had been a photo shoot, it would have probably displayed the power the man posses while the female version will just show off their body.


4 Responses to “re: women in sports”

  1. I feel as if for women to be noticed in sports they have to take off clothing so the women are showing more skin. Why is it that women have to be known as the sexy athletes instead of the talented athletes? I don’t feel at all that women are treated equally in sports what so ever.

  2. wow that is pretty amazing that those are the first to pictures. why was it a women ass? i feel sorry for little kids trying to do reports on female athletes and have to see that.

  3. I seems as if they only take the male sport seriously and that women are sports are just there for eye candy. In these pictures you notice though that the female is dirtier its really just emphasizing sex appeal while the man is all serious and definately in the zone. This may be trying to say that women when playing sports are just objects that are doing it for looks and not ust to play the game. While men not there to prove who looks better but who is the best in the game

  4. sausage fierce Says:

    HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? Of course the pictures are going to be pics of skinny, good looking people. Sports is a huge franchise, full of money making business people… who wants an ugly fat fuck to endorse their sport?????!!!!!!
    P.S. They train so hard, their bodies better be hard!

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