Re: White Culture.

People these days are not allowed to be proud of the fact that they are white.  People automatically think your part of the ku klux klan. If you ask me thats completely unfair. Is it wrong to be proud of who you are.


4 Responses to “Re: White Culture.”

  1. I think that it has to do with the fact that whites are viewed as imperialistic (mostly.)

  2. That video was horrible. Of all the things to be proud of about white culture, why would someone ever pick the Klan? Any time anyone allows the pride they have for their own culture blind them to the wrongs of their history, they become champions of nothing but hate and ignorance. If your pride in being white causes you to disrespect and hate other cultures, then you don’t deserve a place among civilized people. The Klan is a hate group, has always been a hate group, and always will be a hate group. They don’t represent the white culture that I know and love. White people don’t need to have parades to display their white pride because they are a dominant and oppressive majority. There is no one keeping white folk down. Our position of privilege carries with it a debt and a responsibility to all other people. Never forget that. Appreciation and respect for white culture does not mean believing in supremacy. Those sheet-wearing, horse-fucking cowards will have their time of judgement, I swear.

  3. alamoluck007 Says:

    its so sad we call it white culture… think about how racist that is… would you call it asian culture? japanese people are diffrent then chinese the same way germans are diffrent then french. Personally i think its not ur ethnicity that matters, rather ur nationallity. Soon this world we be full of people who have crossbred multiple times, so much so that hopefully no one can lay claim to any one culture or heritage. Everything will be there to enjoy rather for a human race. No one should ever “own” or lay claim to a culture. Its hard to say that oppinion here in hawaii tho. So manny people are to proud to let it go, and i can understand why. Its the connection to their past, their family. I just hope when I die my grea great granchildren dont remeber me for being a taco making, pancho wearing, spanish speaking person, rather they remeber me, someone who loved to laugh, goodspirited, (sometimes mean lol). remeber its not color of skin but content of character…

  4. bigdickdaddy Says:

    yeah u can and its done all the time. think about it black culture, japanese culture, hawaiian culture and so on. anyone can enjoy anothers culture if your accepted into it by respect. you dont have to be japanese to eat rice. enjoy the life you live and get a taste of what others have to offer. you may come out having a totally different prespective to what you once believed. some people are assholes and will never be accepted by their own culture. Enjoy

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