RE: Non-Profit Mission (Medium)

I actually did create two PSAs for broadcast locally as a recruiting tool for Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps.  These were broadcast on The Discovery Network (Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, Animal Planet, etc.), National Geographic Network, and the History Channel to find students who were passionate about the environment and willing to help.

To appeal to students, they gave me images from their various projects that really portrayed the extraordinary lengths they go to in order to maintain the balance of Hawai‘i’s ecosystem.  They hoped such images would attract students looking for adventure, and get people excited about getting involved. We tried to choose music that was upbeat and fit the mood of adventure and optimism.  They received a lot of interest after the PSAs aired, so I guess they were successful.

Although Hawaii has seen more species go extinct than most other places in this world, there still exists an incredible diversity of life here that does not exist anywhere else, and by portraying that, they hoped to get people to join their cause.


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