RE: Mission (easy) : Write a response giving your stance on whether or not downloading music illegally makes you a fake follower or not.

I pay for all my music, whether it’s CDs or digital downloads, but I don’t necessarily think that illegally downloading music is bad.  While I like to support artists that I like, I don’t think it’s necessary to spend money to be a true fan.

In today’s economy especially, some people don’t have a lot of disposable income.  Does that mean they shouldn’t be allowed to listen to an artist’s music whenever they want?  That’s bullshit.  Of course, artists should get paid for what they do, but when did this shit become all about the money?  I see music as an art, and like other art forms, whenever you add money to the equation, people start to sell out.

Back in the days before the internet, artists needed record companies to distribute their music because the startup costs associated with releasing a good (audio) quality album was pretty high.  Record companies also provided the distribution channels required to reach a large audience.  But today, anybody can go out and buy a computer and some recording equipment and produce an album.  Distribution on a large scale is free via the internet, and you don’t need to spend a lot to reach a lot of people.  Look at what Radiohead did with their album In Rainbows.  They distributed it digitally and let FANS choose how much to pay.  There was no minimum or maximum price.  No doubt, a shitload of people put in $0 and got the album for free, but others paid because they liked the music and could afford to pay.  In their experiment, Radiohead on average made more per album than if they had In Rainbows released by a record company, more than double if I recall correctly.

The internet is changing the way we consume EVERYTHING.  Artists can distribute content for practically nothing and build a huge fan base.  And yet these already wealthy artists still complain about losing money due to illegal downloading.  If they really loved what they did, money wouldn’t matter.  As long as they got enough to live on, then they’re good.  But that’s not the case.  Fucking greedy bastards.  In some way, those fans downloading music illegally might be more righteous than the artists complaining about them.  For the fans, they’re breaking the law for the music.  For the artists, they’re complaining for the money.


2 Responses to “RE: Mission (easy) : Write a response giving your stance on whether or not downloading music illegally makes you a fake follower or not.”

  1. I think that downloading artists music isn’t a bad thing but an overload of free downloads of that artists music is just hurting the artist that you supposedly want to support. Singing is that persons job, that is how that person makes there living. I think now people are okay with it because they know that there are those people out there that are going to go out and buy that’s persons CD so they don’t think anything of it. But everyone did that then that person would not be able to make the music that they wanted and we wouldn’t be able to listen to there music. I think it comes to a point that we need to start watching how many illegal downloads people are doing. Even iTunes isn’t giving the artist the full amount of money that they should be getting. The only way that an artists gets the full profit is from buying there CD and if we don’t watch what us as fans are doing then we are going to lose our favorite music that we love to listen to.

  2. Very well said Lekaina!
    There has been a heavy load of discussion about illeglal downloading and its always nice to hear about some people who are willing to go out to buy CDs.
    Alot of people argue that it shouldn’t matter if the artists make money or not, they should be happy at the fact that people are liking their music and how they are gaining fame rather than money.
    Buying CDs may give them more profit but we must remember alot of the profit from CDs usually goes to the company, composer, etc. not the artist.

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