Re: I want a plastic face too!!

Three Korean Celebrities

Three Korean Celebrities

Three other Korean celebrities

Three other Korean celebrities

I actually never learned the romanji for Korean in my korean class so I dont know how to spell their names out. Soo the mission asks to state which i prefer, the celebrity before or after their surgery.

First before & after: After

second before & after: Both

third before & after: Both

fourth before & after: After

fifth before & after: After

sixth before & after: Both (I like the before more though)



Amerie had surgery on her nose although she looks goods in her after picture, she also looks good in her before picture as well.

I think as long as these people are doing it for themselves to make themselves feel good about them self and dont do it for no one else, then its alright if they want to have surgery. If they’re doing it to appeal to people, then that i cant agree with. Heres one last before  & after pic, I personally like the after.


One Response to “Re: I want a plastic face too!!”

  1. I am amazed how different there appearance looks after plastic surgery. I don’t really understand why people have such a problem with plastic surgery I personally believe that a person wants to get plastic surgery what is the big deal. How is it hurting people if someone decides to get plastic surgery for themselves. I would personally not get plastic surgery for myself but if someone else decided to I would not care the least.

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