re: God Fathers of Art…What is originality?

Her are 8 songs that do not conflict with the same message. Plus, they are all by southern rap artists.

The first one is Chamillionaire’s Internet Nerd Revenge. Its about a hater hating on chamillionaire.

The second one is Runaway Love by Ludacris Feat. Mary J Blige. This song is abut three young girls who decide to run away from their problems at home.

The third song is Grandma by Mike Jones. If you havent guessed, its about his grandma and how she supported his musical career.

This next one is called My President by Young Jeezy Feat. NaS. This song is about his president.

The next song is by UGK and it is called Quit Hatin The South. It is pretty much telling people to quit hating the south because of all the recent comments that have been given on how southern hip-hop is ruining everything.

The next song is My Own Way by Three 6 Mafia Feat. Good Charlotte. the song is about doing things their own way if you havent guessed.

The next song is called My Life Your Entertainment by T.I. Feat. Usher. This song is basically about how T.I.’s life is everyone’s entertainment and whatever he does, his fans will be watching.

The last song is INDEPENDENT by Webbie Feat. Lil Boosie & Lil Phat. Its about a girl who is independent and doesnt need to really on a man for support.


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