One Art

The following images are from British artist Banksy’s latest installation in New York, a project in animatronics, consumerism, and general mayhem.  Most of you should be familiar with Banksy; if you are not, do your duty to art and find out.  For this stint, the notorious trickster created a storefront for the “Village Pet Shop and Charcoal Grill.”

From the Wooster Collective: “While New Yorkers have been consumed by the stock market meltdown, a tiny little pet store quietly opened four days ago at 89 7th Avenue between West 4th and Bleeker Street in the West Village of New York City.

There are no puppies or kittens in the windows here.

Instead, a live leopard lounges on a tree in the window. McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets sip barbecue sauce. A rabbit puts on her makeup. A CCTV camera nurtures its young.  Breaded fish swim in a large round bowl while hot dogs are living the high life under heat lamps in cages near the cash register.”

In true Banksy fashion, the show opened quietly and without announcement, and Banksy’s name is no where to be found.

To me, Banksy remains the ultimate in modern art.  Lately he’s become more popular, but I think it in no way diminishes the purpose of his art or where it comes from.  Banksy is a true original and one of the few people making “ART” these days.


One Response to “One Art”

  1. I find that really funny.
    I like the play between the personoication and giving the animals humanistic qualities.

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