Not Anymore They Dont.

Having a baby these days is just another commodity like getting some expensive puppy or a  nice Gucci bag. Moms these days dont have a clue. The majority of them get pregnant before getting married, they refuse so sacrifice their own time so they continue to party and socialize, bringing their babies along for the ride in their designer strollers kids with Armani diapers and sunglasses. Its not wonder kids these days are growing up completely arrogant and without morals. They had no choice, if you cant look to your mother for advice and guidance then shit i’m sorry to say but your kinda fucked. Its a ripple effect, not always the case, some kids are smart enough to realize that their parents are idiots but not usually the case, stupid mothers raise stupid children who in turn have children of their own(usually at a young age) who in turn have even stupider children. Thats not good is it. Its cool to be a bad mom lets pick on Britney Spears again cuz she makes it too easy>  this guys a turkey but helps prove my point.


2 Responses to “Not Anymore They Dont.”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if it really is Britney being a bad mom or if there is alot more to it. I think there are definitely things that Brintey should be more aware of when it comes to motherhood but I also believe that the media in a way drove the public to look at her in this light and she was never even going to have a chance. I think every new mother always makes mistakes and it seemed likethe just highlighted every single one for the world to see.


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